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Windows and Window Frames

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The Facts

Window frames come in a huge array of styles and materials. The basic choices would be timber or aluminium.


  • Beautiful
  • High maintenance
  • Expensive
  • Renewable resource


  • About 15 standard powdercoat colours
  • Custom colours available but cost more
  • Low maintenance

There are now some window frames on the market that are aluminium on the exterior and timber on the interior. They are a premium product but a wonderful solution to the problem of maintaining the exterior of timber window frames.

Types of Window

  • Sliding (one fixed panel and one panel sliding horizontally)
  • Double hung (top panel of glass slides down and bottom panel of glass slides up)
  • Awning (one panel of glass that winds out at the bottom)
  • Casement (window is hinged at the side)
  • Picture (fixed panel)
  • Bay window (window in three sections, sides panels angled to meet central panel)
  • Bi-Fold (café doors- multiple sections that stack at the sides)
  • Segmented (panels of glass in one frame, glass joins siliconed together)

Window shapes

  • Arched (arched at the top)
  • Segmented (panels of glass in one frame, glass joins siliconed together)
  • Gothic (like arched but pointy at the top- like a church window)
  • Raked (Windows narrows at one end)
  • Hooded (top panel of the window is on an angle up toward the ceiling)
  • There are frames on the market that are multi-functional and can be both double hung and casement depending on how you turn the handle


Hi-lite (a fixed window above a door or window)

Side-lite (a fixed window at the side of a window or door)

Low-lite (a fixed window below a window)

Windows can be broken up into numerous panels. In timber windows the panes are separated by mullions (vertical timber supports) and/or transoms (horizontal timber supports) French doors have both mullions and transoms, they can be described as an eight light (eight panes of glass) or a ten light (ten panes) or even a twelve light (12 panes). In aluminium windows the appearance of window panes is given by applying stick on glazing bars, a nine light window could be created by applying glazing bars in a grid format. (Like naughts and crosses)

Window Sizes

Window measurements are noted on house plans on the floor plan and the elevation. On the plan a window could be listed as 18-5 this means that the brickie must allow an opening of 18 brick courses high by 5 bricks wide. If you then look at the elevation of the house the window will have two heights listed next to it. At the bottom of the window e.g. 07c (seven brick courses above floor height) and at the top of the window e.g. 25c (25 brick courses above floor level). From these measurements the window frames are manufactured and the brickie then builds them in as instructed from the brick set-out on the plans.

Helpful Hints

Remember aluminium window frames are powder coated and are not necessarily available in the same colours as metal roof cover, gutters and fascia. You may need to compare some samples to get the best colour match.

North, east and westerly facing windows will all get direct sunlight on then unless shaded by a verandah, pergola or the like. If are concerned about interior floors and furnishings being faded by the sun go to Window Tinting

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