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The Facts

You will need to choose glass for your aluminium or timber frame windows and doors, your shower screens and possibly your front entry door, side lites, hi lites and any other glass applications in your specification.

Basically there are 2 types of glass, clear or obscure however within both of theses categories there is a variety of choice.

Consider if any of the following are an issue:

  • UV protection for floors/furniture
  • Temperature control/ heat transfer (in or out)
  • Privacy
  • Decoration i.e. Coloured glass, stain glass or applied films
  • Security
  • Noise reduction

There are glazing solutions to all of the above issues

    Obscure glass

    In many cases the glazing to bathrooms and WC’s is obscure to provide privacy without requiring a window dressing. Obscure glass is available in a variety of patterns within the standard price range or additional choices if you want to spend extra.

    You can also consider glazing films. These are printed patterns that are applied to the inside of the window. They are available in a huge range of patterns and colours.

    Clear Glass

    Clear glass is available as a standard glass, safety/laminated glass, coloured glass, and a wide range of products to keep heat in in winter or heat out in summer or a combination of the two. Effective solar passive design and the correct glazing can make an enormous difference to your energy bills and the environmental impact of your home.

    Double Glazing

    Double Glazing is used for multiple purposes

    • Noise reduction
    • Thermal efficiency
    • Sustainability

    Although common in the northern hemisphere double glazing is less commonly used in Australia. Although more costly than single float glass, double glazing has many advantages. Your home will keep the heat out in Summer and the heat in in Winter thus your heating/cooling bills will be vastly reduced. It will also be quiet and snug with exterior noise kept outside!

    An added benefit is that you can feel comfortable that you have chosen an environmentally responsible glazing option for your home.


    Security Films / Decorative Films and Tinting      FIND A SPECIALIST

    These films are all applied to the glass after installation. The films can perform a single task or a combination of tasks. i.e. UV protection and security.

    Security Films

    Security films are applied to the glass in the window/door. Their purpose is to make the glass an impenetrable surface even if the glass has been smashed. The film holds the broken glass in place preventing access from intruders. Obviously once the intruder has smashed the glass, although still impenetrable it will need to be replaced.

    Decorative Films

    You may like to create different looks with your windows by adding decorative films. These films can create the look of obscure glass, leadlight glass or stained glass. Custom films can be designed.

    UV Tinted Glass Film

    Much like the tinting on your car, you can have your house windows tinted as well. There is a variety of tints available. Tints that stop UV damage to interior finishes, tints that change the colour of the glass, tints that create privacy, the list is long and varied.

    Laminated Glass (PVB)

    Laminated glass is a security glass where 2 sheets of glass are pressed together under heat and pressure with a (Poly Vinyl Butyral- PVB) film between them. The advantages of laminated glass over float glass are many.

    • Increased safety compared to standard glass
    • Resistance to shattering
    • Improved acoustic properties
    • Tinting can be applied to the interlayer thus minimizing heat transmission

    Laminated glass must be ordered with the frames, it cannot be applied to the glass later

    Glazing for North Facing Windows

    Request from your Builder/glass/window supplier

    High SHGC (Solar Heat Gain) to allow passive heat gain.

    Low Td (Transmittance – Damaging) – This is the UV passing through the window.

    Having a high SHGC will allow passive solar gain and a low Td will reduce the damaging UV light coming through.

    Helpful Hints

    The less frame work you have around your glass and the bigger the panels of glass, the thicker the glass needs to be. As glass gets thicker it is more expensive. Large expanses of frameless glass need to be made from commercial glass. If you are on a budget but want lots of glass, design lots of joined smaller panels and it will save you a packet.

    You may then wish to match the obscure window glazing in the bathroom to the shower screen glazing. You will need to confirm that the pattern you choose is available in 12mm glass as shower screens must use safety glass.

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