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As the garage door can account for up to 30% of the front elevation of your home, your choice can have a large impact on the style your house exudes. There are a few types of garage doors: Roller, flexible, sectional and tilt, your choice will be influenced by the amount of headroom available for installation. Most new houses will be able to accomodate any style you choose.
Choices to consider:

  • Type of door (roller/sectional etc)
  • Construction material (metal/timber or custom)
  • Colour (standard powdercoat/ timber look)
  • Windows and Glazing colour
  • Pattern to the front face of the door
  • Ventilation
  • Custom Designed Doors
  • Reinforced Doors for Extreme Weather
  • Number of Controllers

Types of Doors

Sectional Doors

The door is made in 4x horizontal sections, as the sections rise they tilt at the top and when fully open the door sits at 90 degrees to its closed position, lying horizontally under the ceiling. This style of door comes in a huge range of styles and materials and it the most commonly used type of garage door these days
Material choices:

  • Metal
  • Timber look metal
  • Timber
  • Custom Doors

Roller doors

These doors are made from ribbed steel. They pull straight up into a roll directly beneath the ceiling. A good amount of headroom is required at the garage opening but it does leave your garage ceiling free. These doors are a practical choice if the budget is tight or useful to close off the rear of the garage if it opens both front and back for access. Can be opened manually or fully automated

Tilt Doors

Tilt doors are made from a single tilting panel. The door opens in one piece and sits under the ceiling when open. Clearance is required in front of the door to allow it to move up to the open position however this type of door requires the least overhead clearance. Your choice of material is almost endless in the category. Reinforcement may be required if you are in a particularly windy area.

Flexible Doors

A new type of door on the market suitable for low headroom applications. Like a hybrid of a roller and a sectional door. The door curves at the top as it opens then sits flat to the ceiling. Great for replacing old roller doors


$ Metal doors are prefinished at the factory. There are normally about 10 standard colours, non standard colours are available at further cost. If you want to match your roof colour confirm they are both standard colours before confirming your order to avoid additional costs
$$ Timber look metal doors: Manufactured as above but finished to look like timber, either cedar, or jarrah are fairly common colours. (Try to match the colour to the gable lining if they are both timber) Usually costs a bit more that standard colours.
$$$ Timber: As the name suggests made from solid timber. The most common timber used iscedar due to its great outdoor qualities. There are a number for standard styles before you get to customised timber doors. Remember all timber will require a level of maintenance
$$$ Custom Doors: Here is where you can really make a statement either in solid wood in a customised pattern or using different materials like mini orb or tinted acrylic, mesh or polycarbonite panels framed in timber of steel. Some suppliers have a standard range of materials you can ‘mix n match’ your design from. The choices are almost endless and will make the front elevation of your home completely unique


Standard colours are available for all metal doors. Depending on your supplier there will be between 4 and 15 standard colours. Additional colours are available at extra cost and custom colours can be done on request (for a price)

Standard timber look colours will vary depending on supplier. I recommend photographing a door you like on an existing house then trying to match the colour with your supplier's available range

Windows and light

Windows or translucent panels can be added to your garage door if you desire. They are a great idea for added light in the garage. The windows come in a range of styles from plain rectangles to match the door pattern, to ornate sunburst patterns. Adding windows will cost $500-$1000 extra depending on the size of the door. Translucent or clear panels can be placed through the middle of the door or alternated with solid panels for a modern look. Mesh panels can also be used to allow light through the garage door without compromising security. Mesh can be open weave or perforated so you cannot see in from outside (like one way security screens)

Door Patterns

There is an enormous range of embossed and textured garage doors. Profiles will vary slightly from different suppliers. Horizontal stripes, planked timber look, square panels, rectangular panels and customised patterns. (Note: roller doors do not have various patterns)


If your garage is fully enclosed you may wish to allow for ventilation in your garage door. This is a feature that is more common in commercial doors but can be accommodated into a residential design. This usually involves perforated steel panels, mesh, or louvers at the top of the door

Reinforced doors

For extreme weather: If you are in an area prone to high winds some reinforcement may be required to your door

Helpful Hints

Check how many controllers you get with your automated door. You will need one for each car using the garage and it’s nice to have one inside the house as well if you use your garage for anything other than just parking cars
Check weather seals are included, they stop drafts, leaves and rain coming in
A single power point in the garage ceiling will be required to plug in the motor for automated doors
Are the moving panels of the door safe for little fingers?
Is there an automatic reverse if the door comes in contact with an obstruction? (Safety beams can be fitted to doors to automatically stop the door if the beam is broken while closing)
How secure is the door?
Are the wheels of the tracking system metal or nylon? Steel lasts longer but is noisier. Your choice!!
Varied speed: some doors allow for a standard speed start and finish but faster speed in the middle of opening
Check the noise level of the door motor, if the garage is under the main roof you want it as quiet a possible

If you plan to put a boat on a trailer in your garage, check the door height is adequate to get in and out once the door is fitted and open

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