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Door furniture refers to all the hardware attached to your internal and external doors, handles, lockset, backplates, hinges etc.

A set refers to the fact that there are 2 handles in the packet, ready to install back to back.


Below is a glossary to help you understand the different terminology

  • Entry Set- Front door handle normally with lockset included
  • Lever Set- The door handle is a lever
  • Knob Set- The door handle is a knob
  • Dummy Set- handles don’t turn, decorative only
  • Pull Handles- Normally a long handle, no lockset
  • Passage Set- Handle for a regular door, no lock etc
  • Privacy Set- Handles with a one way lock (i.e. toilet)
  • Deadbolts- A bolt extends out of the door and into the door jam
  • Mortice Lock- The lockset is installed within the thickness of the door
  • Barrel Bolt- Old fashioned bolt action lockset
  • Flush Bolts- Bolts recessed in the door itself
  • Skelaton Bolts- Long skinny bolts (often seen on commercial doors)
  • Back plates- Decorative back plate for a handle or handle and lock set
  • Security chain- Allows door to be opened securely
  • Peep hole/ Viewer- Secure viewer to see who is at your door
  • Hinges- Preinstalled on metal door frames, screwed into timber frames
  • Door stoppers- positioned on the wall or door to stop damage to the wall
  • Robe Hooks- Get one on the bathroom door to match the handle
  • Self Closers- Will close door after use, good on WC or pantry
  • Electronic Access- keyless entry, touchpads etc

The Facts


There are normally three types of doors within a house, in an ideal world one key will open all of these doors (this is called keying alike).

  • Entry and exterior doors
  • Internal doors
  • Aluminium doors (sliding or hinged)

Entry Doors

Your Front entry doors normally have a more extravagant lock set than say the laundry door. This is called an Entry Set. Decide on the level of security you desire, a deadbolt is fairly standard whereas a mortice lock is a more secure option. If you have double entry doors you can request an entry set and a dummy set for the secondary door. If you have a pivot front door the popular choice is a pull handle combined with a lockset. The other doors that provide access to the house may only need a deadbolt or mortice lock and handle depending on your security needs. Additional extras for your entry door are security chains and peep holes

Internal Doors

These doors will require either a lever set or knob set. There are no keys to these doors, however you can buy a privacy set which has a one sided snib so the door can be locked from one side (i.e. the toilet or bedroom)

A passage set comes with a handle for each side of the door and a ‘tongue’ while a dummy set is just 2 fixed handles.




Aluminium Doors

These doors will normally come from a different manufacturer than your timber/composite doors but you should still be able to request keying alike. Standard handles for aluminum sliding doors are pretty limited in style unless you are specifying an architectural door. The handle will normally be powdercoated the same colour as the door. Aluminium hinged doors will have a lever handle and lockset.


Electronic Entry Locks

Electronic locks can be fitted to the front door in lieu of key operated locksets.

Some features to look for are

  • Electronic Keypads
  • Keypad is back lit for nighttime operation
  • Manual key override
  • Audible tones for locked, unlocked and low battery are also good
  • Some models have a remote control
  • The lock can be keyed alike to match you other entry points
  • 10 second relock facility if required
  • Panic exit 

Remote Control Lockset

This is a bit like your garage door remote control, it will lock and unlock from about 1metre away for infrared or 10metres for a radio frequency signal.

Look for:

  • Key over ride
  • Panic exit 

If you are having a home automation system installed speak to your supplier as the entire system can be integrated with your package including things like SMS phone access. 

Helpful Hints

Think about which rooms you may wish to lock from the inside, bedrooms, home office, and of course bathrooms and WC’s.

Can you see through your front door or do you want a peep hole.

For a seamless continuity choose one style of handle throughout the house, all with the same finish i.e. satin chrome, then match bathroom accessories, shower screen frames and tapware if possible.


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