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The smart way to find your Tradie

Ten Questions for a Home Builder

  1. Are you a registered builder
  2. Do you use a fixed price contract (on a standard MBA or HIA contract)
  3. Are these items included
    1. Site works
    2. Survey
    3. Council planning costs
    4. Crossover
    5. Wall painting
    6. What electrical is included? Number of power points/ number of lights
  4. How much is your variation fee?
  5. What can I supply myself for the build
  6. How many houses will my supervisor be looking after
  7. Have you won any awards recently
  8. Have you had any disputes at the Building Commission (BRB)  in the last 12 months
  9. If I have questions who do I contact during construction, can the supervisor meet me on site
  10. How will you keep me informed during construction of my home

Bonus question for builders with display homes….what’s in this display home that’s NOT included in my contract.

See the How to Choose a Builder article in the Building Tips section for more information about choosing builders.