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The smart way to find your Tradie

Should you move, renovate or demolish?

So you love your suburb, the kids are settled at school, you can walk to the shops and your best friends live around the corner....but your house is just too small, do you move, renovate or detonate?

This is a complex question with many variables each unique to your situation. However here are some general guidelines to help you work out what is the best way forward for you.


Write out your wishlist, what you absolutely must have (number of bedrooms / bathrooms), things you would like, and finallly extra's that would be nice but you are prepared to maybe add later. Get everyone in the house to do a might get some inspirational ideas from other family members!

Checkout houses for sale

This is the best place to start. Have a look at houses and blocks for sale around you, this will give you an idea of what your local market is doing. Look for a house that is about the right size, has similar characteristics and a level of finish that you would like in your finished home.

Avoid over capitalising

Look at properties in the nearby streets, particularly ones for sale, to avoid over capitalising on a new build or renovation, you want your new property to be in keeping with other quality houses in the area. This way you should be in a good position to make money if/when you sell. (If you are NEVER going to sell and then resale value and over capitalising are not really a problem). A million dollar house surounded by lttle shoe boxes will not do you any favours on auction day.

Display Homes

Go to a couple of display villages (or look online) and checkout some display homes. Find a couple that you really like and get the costing brochures from the sales rep. Now remember there are lots of additional costs over and above the display home cost. As a REALLY ROUGH guide add 20-25% onto the cost of the home, this will cover finishing the home - painting, tiling, carpets, electrical & lighting, window dressings,air conditioning, basic garden etc.


Demolition of your existing home.......for most people this is a cost. Unless the house you are demolishing has serious architectural merit (and if it does why on earth are you demolishing it?) demolition costs start at about $10,000 for a clean block.


Have a good look at your home, does it have good bones? This means... are the rooms a good size? Is the layout suitable for extending? Is the building in good condition?

Is it well placed on the block? Will a builder have enough access to work on the site? Do you have good access to winter northern sunshine? If you home has these attributes then a renovation may be the answer for you.

Go up or go out?

This will depend on your block size, some blocks are just too small to extend at ground level whilst others really want to keep their gardens. Going up is quite a bit more expensive than going out, however if going up gains great views of the city or over a lake or just over the surrounding suburb then up is a really good option and will be worth the expense.

Our environment

Renovating an existing house is a far more friendly option than demolishing and building new. The BCA ensures homes in Perth are built to stand for at least 100 years, unfortunately they are often bulldozed after only 40 or 50 years, this means their life cycle is halved and the embodied energy of the original build is lost meaning all attempts at building sustainably are drastically reduced.

Keeping costs down

Whilst planning your reno keep in mind that having services (water, gas) grouped together will keep your costs down. Most renovations involve creating a new open plan area at the rear of the home, if this is the case try turning the kitchen in the old house into a bathroom or wet area seeing as you already have water access. With a new open plan area, try a kitchen which backs onto a laundry and powder room, this way all the services are grouped. If you are building upstairs, having the bathroom situated over the kitchen will reduce costs. Another thing to keep in mind, renovating is more expensive per square metre than a new build, this is due to unexpected complications often happening. If you keep the services in the newbuild grouped together you are less likely to have to outlay additional funds on rectification work.


We hope this has given you some ideas about how to move forward with your dream home. If you have any questions please send them to .

At eHomeBuilder we try to give you all the facts you need from an unbiased source so you are free to make up your own mind without the pressure of someone trying to sell you products.

Good Luck with your project

The team @ eHomeBuilder