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There are a number of different types of taps

  • Regular taps, 2 taps and a spout, handles can be knob or lever
  • Mixer taps where the spout and the on/off control are all in one pillar

Standard tapware requires 3 holes in the basin/sink

Mixers require one hole.

However the tapware doesn’t have to come through the basin/sink. You can have a basin/sink with no tapholes and the tapware can be

  • Bench mounted
  • Wall mounted
  • Or floor mounted. (free standing bath with floor mounted tap anyone??)

Tap Types

  • Kitchen mixer (with or without extendable hose) also good in the laundry
  • Basin set
  • Wall set
  • Spa set
  • Hob set
  • Shower set
  • Bath set
  • Washing machine
  • Bidet set
  • Shower on rail (adjustable)
  • Shower rose

The price range of tapware is vast

  • The least expensive tapware being plastic, often coated to look like chrome
  • Median priced tapware should be brass then chromed or plated
  • Finally there is designer tapware being unique, functional and beautiful with solid construction

Tapware is an expensive item within the house when you add up all the sets used in the basins and showers.

A new product to the market is a kitchen tap that dispenses both boiling and chilled water

  • No need to boil the kettle.
  • Has child safety lock.
  • Great for rinsing greasy or baked on food or plates or just getting a head start on cooking pasta or rice

Builders Discount

If you are building with a large domestic home builder they most likely get a bulk discount on the tapware for their houses. If you want to delete the standard tapware

you will only be credited the amount the builder was going to pay for the tapware

  • The bulk discount is lost
  • You then pay retail for your new tapware selection
  • You may be charged extra installation costs
  • The price difference can increase dramatically


Installing non standard tapware will cost more.


  • A shower on a rail will cost more to install than a standard shower rose
  • Mixers can cost more to install than pillar taps
  • Hidden washing Machine taps will cost more than standard bypass

Tapware can be installed

  • Through a hole in the basin/sink
  • From the benchtop
  • Out of the wall
  • Out of the hob
  • For a free standing bath the tapware may even be floor mounted

You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on upgrading tapware to magnificent effect. The sky’s the limit in this area!!

Check out the listed web sites, they are really comprehensive. Find a design you like print it out. Take your printout shopping with you and your plans. A good retailer will be able to show you your chosen taps or similar design. They will also count all the tapware required so that you don’t miss out selecting any taps. They can help you with ideas about positioning of the taps and outlets

Helpful Hints

  • Have your washing machine taps put inside the laundry cupboard next to the washing machine. Your laundry will look 100% better.
  • Owner supplied items are not normally covered by the Builders insurance policy, if they are stolen or damaged you have to replace them.
  • Check the warranty on tapware: gold/brass trim can be susceptible to tarnishing
  • Supply brochures of all the taps for your builder/contractor/plumber so they know what they are installing and/or buying
  • You live in Australia water is scarce, make a water wise choice for your shower head- even rain showers can have a 5 star rating 

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