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Spa's for bathrooms- see Gardens and Outdoors for Outdoor Spa's

Normally manufactured from acrylic you have a number of choices:

  • Corner spa
  • Rectangular spa
  • Oval spa
  • Octagonal spa


Once you’ve chosen the shape of your spa you need to choose the jet system:

  • Water (Hydro) Jets
  • Air Jets
  • Dual System

Hydro Jets

These will give a powerful water massage

Air Jets

An air systems will give a gentle massage

Dual System

Some spa baths have a dual system combining both hydro jets and an air system.


The spa bath should have a heater which maintains the water temperature of the spa water. You should be able to have the pump on with or without the heater if you like.

Helpful Hints

Check your spa has adjustable jets if you want to control the directional flow of the water.

Ensure the on/off switch will be easily accessible once the spa is installed in YOUR bathroom

Check for a Bodyguard Release Valve - A safety valve that stops the suction when something is caught in the pump.

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