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Laundry Troughs

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Basically there are a couple of types of trough arrangements

  • PVC trough in a pre finished PVC cabinet
  • Stainless steel trough in a prefinished stainless steel cabinet
  • Stainless steel trough in prefinished laminate/ vinyl wrap cabinet
  • Flush mounted/ Inset stainless steel or ceramic trough, suitable for laminate or solid surface from a cabinetmaker
  • Undermount - suitable for solid surface benchtops only

Construction Material

  • Stainless steel is the standard construction material for troughs. Very hard wearing and impervious to stains
  • Ceramic troughs are white and very hard wearing
  • Acrylic Troughs are less stain resistant than stainless steel but still a viable option. White finish
  • Engineered quartz or stone- can be made to match your solid benchtop

What do you need from your trough?

  • Double trough or single trough
  • Flick mixer hole (hole in the trough top for a tap)
  • Washing machine hole for water disposal (hidden bypass is better)
  • Washing machine trough bypass

A washing machine hole will allow for the washing machine waste pipes to hook through the side of the trough and then connect to the waste pipe below the trough itself. This means if you leave the plug in the trough with the washing mashing on you don’t over flow the trough. Its called a bypass. However a better idea is to have the washing machine waste and taps plumbed directly through the side of your laundry cupboard and into the plumbing waste below the plughole. This way you don’t see them at all. It costs a bit more but looks a lot better.

Laundry troughs receive pretty rough treatment, harsh chemicals, solvents, dirt. Make sure your chosen trough will stand up to what you intend to dish out.

Helpful Hints

Consider a mixer tap with an extendable hose, great for rinsing stuff in the trough.

If you still need to use the trough while soaking items with a single trough you will need to use buckets. This will also help you save water.

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