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Basins are used in powder rooms, bathrooms and ensuites.Wall hung basin with mixer taps

 There are a number of different basins;

  • Inset basins- these sit within the vanity top.
  • Under counter or underslung basins sits below the vanity top. The benchtop becomes the ‘lip’ of the basin. Suitable for solid benchtops only i.e.granite or stone
  • Semi-recessed basins where the front of the basin projects out of the vanity front
  • Vessel basins- these sit on top of the vanity
  • Pedestal basin, here the basin has a ‘stand’ or pedestal
  • Wall hung- the basin is attached to the wall with no vanity underneath

Some basins can be a combination of the above i.e.: a semi recessed vessel basin where the basin front sits proud of the vanity edge and the top lip of the basin protrudes above the vanity top.

Basins can be produced in a number of materials:

  • PVC or acrylic, this is basically a plastic basin, normally only available as an inset basin this is the least expensive option, usually available in white or ivory
  • Porcelain or china, usually white or ivory as well, all styles are available in this product
  • Granite, stone and reconstituted stone can be used to form both the benchtop and the basin in one piece, or as a separate item for the basin only
  • Glass basins: Normally vessel style
  • Custom made: Basins are also available in numerous other materials, normally with a premium price tag


Helpful Hints


If you choose a semi-recessed basin the depth of the vanity is normally reduced, this can be really useful in bathrooms that are tight on space. The benchtop front/fascia is also longer to accommodate the basin and cupboard space below is reduced.

Under counter or underslung basins must be used in conjunction with a solid benchtop, laminate is not suitable for this installation as water exposure would warp the benchtop from below.

You will need to choose how many tap holes you want in your basin.

  • 0 tap holes if your taps are wall or bench mounted
  • 1 tap hole if you are using a mixer tap
  • 3 tap holes if using 2 taps and an outlet

Over flow valves are a wonderful idea if you never want a flood in your bathroom. It is a secondary drainage outlet at the top of the basin to allow water to escape before overflowing. 


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