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No longer the stuff of Nana’s parlor, wallpaper is experiencing a resurgence. Wonderful modern and classical options for feature walls or whole rooms are available. Create a fantasy world for your child in their bedroom, make a room appear to be covered in fabric, or grass matting, wallpaper the ceiling to look like pressed iron, let your imagination run wild. Wallpaper can range from budget to jaw droppingly expensive, but used effectively there is no substitute for this wonderful medium.

Some terms you may find useful:


      • Standard rolls of wallpaper for a wall or room


      • Where the pattern is raised from the background

      Hand printed

      • Screen printed by hand

      Dado panel

      • Wallpaper that covers the lower section of the wall only

      Dado strip

      • Thin strip that goes around the room at around 1m high


      • Looks like plastered panels on the wall


      • Decorative line around the room just below the cornice

      Screen Printed Wallpaper

      • Hand screened
      • More expensive
      • Low traffic areas only i.e. bedroom

      Surface printed wallpaper

      • Machine printed
      • Less expensive
      • Medium durability

      Vinyl wallpaper

      • Most durable
      • Stain resistant
      • Fully washable

      Vinyl coated wallpaper

      • Medium durable
      • Can be sponged


      Wallpaper can be used behind glass for a kitchen splash back, or under a glass top for your dining table. This way you can change the look of a room with little cost or effort


      Most wallpaper shops can arrange hanging the wallpaprer for you or provide a number for a trades person in your area. Or you can DIY if you are feeling talented- you will need to plan the pattern match to reduce wastage.

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