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Wall Finishes - exterior

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There are a number of finishes available for the exterior of your home each with differing characteristics.

  • Sand finish cement render
  • Acrylic texture coating
  • Polished plaster

The Facts

Sand Finish Cement Render

Render is the grey cement finish as previously seen on most houses prior to painting. The specific product used will be dependant on your proximity to the beach, river or air borne pollutants. The render will be trowelled on by your plasterers. Render has previously been the most common and least expensive option for a smooth finish for many years. Render is usually painted however colour can be added on request but will cost you extra. Render will require maintenance over the lifetime of your home (patching and repainting). Cement render is not flexible so expansion and contraction can cause cracking.

Acrylic Texture Coating

Acrylic Texture Coating is a more expensive option than render initially, however there are  many advantages.

  • There is no need for painting as the colour is impregnated into the coating
  • Available in a number of finishes (The finishes vary according to the size of the grains in the coating. The larger the particles within the coating the more ‘lined’ the final effect when applied.)
  • Texture coating is flexible, therefore it will expand and contract in the elements all but eliminating the problem of surface cracking.
  • Longer life span than other exterior non flexible exterior finishes

Most products on the market come with an extended guarantee. Additional product should be available for patching if required. Dark colours can be inclined to fade. Check your individual product warranty.

Polished Plaster

Polished Plaster is a beautiful type of plastering (originally from Italy) that has marble dust mixed into the plaster which is then polished. It can be finished to look like marble, stone, travertine, suede almost anything you like. Polished plaster is suitable for both internal and external finishes. As a premium product you can use polished plaster for a feature to keep costs down.

Helpful Hints

  • Custom colours can be very difficult to match if patching is required at a later date.
  • Dark colours might be inclined to fade over time in our harsh climate.
  • Go and see some completed jobs with the finish you are considering. Exterior finishes applied to a large expanse of wall look very different to a small sample piece.
  • Possibly employ an Interior Designer or Colour Consultant to create a schedule of exterior finishes, this is a fairly inexpensive option considering how expensive a bad colour choice would be to fix. Using a designer ensures the final result will be just as you envisioned.

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