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Polished Plaster

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Originally a technique from Italy, this is a finish created by Master Craftsmen.

Polished plaster is when marble dust and colour are added to plaster. The plaster is then applied to the wall and is polished to a totally smooth lustrous finish. This finish can be high gloss or satin. The patina mellows in time.

Polished plaster can be finished to resemble travertine, marble limestone, suede or many more finishes.It is a premium cost finish (but well worth it!)

Common terms

  • Marmorino/Stucco-a matte finish polished plaster. Lime based product with marble aggregate. Can also be finished in a rough ‘dragged’ finish
  • Lucidato- polished plaster with a high sheen
  • Metallic- polished plaster with metallic particles added to give a shimmering finish

If used in a wet areas polished plaster is comparable in cost to top of the range natural stone tiles. Heavy traffic and wet areas need to be waxed to protect them however the advantage with polished plaster is there is NO GROUT therefore no mould. A totally smooth finish is created that is cool to touch like marble.

Helpful Hints

This is a finish applied by Master Craftmen, ensure you get a professional.

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