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Mirrors are an essential part of your bathroom design. They can enhance a space and reflect light within a small area on top of their practical applications.

The Facts

For wet areas mirrors there are two basic types to choose from


If you choose framed you will then need to select a frame, matching the shower frame profile and colour is normally a good idea. You can also request that the mirror have a beveled edge as well if you like but this will cost you extra. The mirror is then attached to the wall (normally) using mirror clips.


Frameless mirrors can have a polished or a beveled edge, (beveled will probably cost you extra). The mirror then needs to be attached to the wall, this can be done using mirror clips, screws with silver domes to cover the screw or directly stuck to the wall (ensure no one has painted where the glue is to go) . If you’re going for a frameless shower screen and minimalist look direct stick looks great.


Lighting is also important in a bathroom. Natural light is always the best, a highlight window above your mirror is excellent during the day, incandescent lighting at eye level is good for applying make-up at night time. Reflecting the light off the mirror onto your face or having lights at the sides of the mirror is more effective than a beam of light shining directly on your face. Some mirrors are available with built in lighting, like theatre mirrors.

Auto Demisting

Demisting kits are applied to the back of the mirror. They heat the mirror thus preventing condensation occurring on the mirror surface. Kits are available in various sizes, they must be hardwired by your electrician and require an RCD circuit.

Self Cleaning

Nanotechnology has developed products that can be applied to your mirrors and shower screens that will reduce your cleaning time by up to 90% and extend the life of your products. The coating is invisible and will last up to 10 yrs. You can have the product professionally applied or you can easily do it yourself.

Helpful Hints

The bigger the mirror the larger your bathroom will look. If you are having full height tiling then have the mirror full height as well.

Separate his and hers mirrors in the ensuite can also look effective.

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