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TV Antenna's and Pay TV

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There are three types of TV you may be interested in viewing in the metro area

  • Free Digital
  • Free High Definition Digital TV
  • Pay TV (satellite or cabled)

Free Digital TV

What is Digital Television?
Digital television is a replacement technology for the old free-to-air (FTA) analogue services. It  provides better picture quality and reception, plus a variety of new features that greatly enhance the viewing experience. Australia has chosen a very high quality system. Through a Digital Set Top Box or digital ready TV and a UHF antenna. This will allow you to view SBS 1 and 2, ABC 1,2 and 3, Channels 7, 7 Two 9,10, One HD, West TV and many more. Other advantages of digital TV are
  • Clearer Picture
  • Wide Screen picture
  • Surround Sound
  • EPG
  • Captioning

You will still need a TV antenna installed for digital TV.

High Definition Digital TV

If you purchase a High Definition Set Top Box or HD ready TV you will be able to receive all of the above channels and High Definition options for channels 7,9 and 10

Internet TV

Internet TV is TV delivered to your television via your broadband connection, it features:
High quality content from leading providers
Delivered straight to the TV (not the PC)
In broadcast quality including high definition (HD) where available
The programming is usually unmetered (downloading content does not count toward you broadband limit) with the exception of Catch Up TV services. 

Pay TV       

Find a package

Pay TV is received to your house from either a separate satellite dish on your roof or cabled in through a Telstra Cable Network. (Either one or the other service will be available depending on where you live.) In metropolitan Perth there are two options Foxtel and SelecTV. With this type of TV you sign up for a fixed contract and pay a monthly fee. The more channels you want the higher the fee. Your set up costs may include, installation, a satellite dish if required, a set top box (check if a monthly hire fee or one off purchase fee is charged), and the ongoing monthly package fee that you select.

For pre wiring instructions for Foxtel go to

Which Antenna?

Your choice of antenna will depend on the location of your home, what you want to watch and the quality of picture you desire. Your installer will guide you through this choice by checking the area you live in, the level of reception and local interference factors particular to your home. There is a government issued guide available at

There are lots of antenna's available so it’s up to you if you want to add a set top box or high definition set top box to an older TV or if you want to purchase a new digital ready TV. If you are buying a new TV there is a labeling system in place so you know if you need additional hardware to go with the TV. Check out

Helpful Hints

Currently Wireless TV Transmitters (sending the signal to a second TV) will not work with HD signals.