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Ducted Vacuum System

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A ducted vacuum system should be installed as your house is built. Systems can be fitted to older houses but you may be restricted in where you can have the outlets. Basically it is a system where you have a wand and flexible hose that you plug into outlets strategically placed around your house. The motor for the suction system is located elsewhere, normally the garage. They are really convenient and more affordable than you might think.

The Facts

Ducted vacuum systems have numerous advantages over standard vacuum cleaners:

  • As the motor is elsewhere they are much quieter
  • Reduced back strain as you are not carrying the vacuum cleaner around, just the hose and wand
  • A large catchment capacity is good as the canister doesn’t need to be portable
  • Only need emptying a few times a year
  • Remove dust dirt and allergens from your home instead of re-circulating them like a standard vacuum cleaner, great for asthma and allergy suffers
  • Add value to your home

The ducted systems are available with all the attachments normally found with a vacuum cleaner. Some suppliers even have a floor/wall mounted chute to get rid of the debris when you sweep the kitchen floor, like an automatic dustpan.

Helpful Hints

Plan your ducted system with the supplier to ensure you have access to all areas of your home.

Give your builder and/or electrician a copy of the final vacuum plan.

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