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Automated Gates

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Automated gates come in various designs and configurations. Gates are normally installed on the boundary of the property for vehicle access and pedestrian access.

The main types of gate are

  • Single sliding gate (inside or outside wall)
  • Double sliding gates (inside or outside wall)
  • Single hinged gate (opening in or out)
  • Double hinged gates (opening in or out)
  • Pedestrian gate

All gates must be installed to a permanent structure. The main factor in choosing a gate is WHICH ONE WILL FIT on my plan. If your gate is on a flat block in the middle of the front boundary you can have pretty much whatever you like but if for example your gate was to be installed on a sloping front left hand boundary of a property it could not be a double sliding gate as the left hand gate has no-where to slide to. A single sliding gate opening to the right hand side would be the easiest solution. The slope of the block will also limit which way a hinged gate can swing.

The Facts

Things to consider when choosing a gate:

  • Double-hinged gates need a locking mechanism in the centre of the gates and stoppers for when the gates are fully open, if your driveway is sloping the lock/stoppers will stick out of the ground and could be a hazard.
  • Hinged gates swinging inwards (towards the house) will reduce the usable area of the driveway
  • The bigger the gate the more reinforcement required ($$) however a single gate only requires one motor, double gates require 2 motors
  • Consider wind resistance, if your gate is a solid mass in a windy position this will stress the gate and the motor
  • Whichever side of your wall the gate is opening on is the side the motor will be installed.
  • Underground motors are a great option as they are hidden from view
  • Get a gate with infrared beams so it will not close when a vehicle, person or pet obstructs it.
  • You will need a manual override (normally a key) in case of power failure. A battery backup is also an option for use during power failures.
  • Check out solar powered gates with backup batteries.

Helpful Hints

If your property is fully fenced you will need vehicle access and pedestrian access. An intercom is recommended so visitors can inform you of their presence, or Camera surveillance/smart wiring can be integrated as a system. All locking mechanisms must comply with Community services (Fire Department, Ambulance, Western Power if required)  for access in case of an emergency

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