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Want to cut your power bill in half?

Try changing your old halogen or incandesent globes to LED's.

I have just trialed the new Philips LED globes and I must say I'm rather impressed. I used a 6W Philips LED MyVision warm white in my bedside reading lamp, not only did it do the job and provide bright warm light, it was superior to my old standard globe. The Philips globe is opaque at the base which reduces glare and being LED it doesn't get hot at all. I could easily have burned my hand on the old globe....this one, I can rest my hand on the globe even when its been on for an hour (not that I do that very often in the course of a day...but still worth mentioning). Plus the obvious reason to buy these globes, they will reduce the running cost of my lighting by up to 80%. Oh and did I mention they have a really long life span too (between 15,000 - 25,000 hours- i.e. if I use my loungeroom light for 6 hours a day thats minimum 6 years maybe up to 11 years).

Philips LED globes can be used in any standard lighting fixture, bayonet, edison screw, put then in exactly like changing a regular light globe.
They are priced from $15 - $29. So to swap my entire house to LEDs it would cost between $500 and $600.....I think they will have paid for themselves in one year, then they can keep saving me money for years to come.
Available from Bunnings, Masters Home Improvement and Target