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Budget kitchen renovation ideas

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OK so three grand won't get you all of these ideas, but it will get you started. Firstly look at your cabinetry, is the layout fine but it just looks really dated? If you can live with the layout consider having the kitchen cupboards resurfaced. This involves 'painting' the surfaces with an extremely hard wearing coating.  You can have the benchtops, cupboard doors, the inside of the cupboards, tiled splashback....pretty much everything resurfaced.

Kitchen Resurfacing

Kitchen before resurfacing        Kitchen after resurfacing

Before resurfacing                                        After resurfacing

The finished product is really hard wearing and comes with a guarantee. Benchtops alone will cost around $1100- $1600 for an average size kitchen. You can even have the new surface put over timber fascia (edges) like in this picuture, so that the whole benchtop matches. Some practitioners can assist with small alterations and patching of any damaged areas. This is not a DIY product, you need to employ a professional.

A ballpark figure for a full kitchen makeover will cost between $3000-4000 (this includes inside the cupboards) .

New Kitchen Appliances

$3000 will get you a basic new appliance package, oven, hotplate and rangehood. Whilst it won't get you top of the range, you will have some choice as to size, style and design. Factory seconds outlets and ex floor stock will normally get you a discount of about 30% off full price. If you plan to fit new appliance to old cabinets try to choose new appliances that will fit your current cut outs or ones that are slightly bigger.

New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Replacing the cabinet doors (and handles) can give the kitchen a new lease on life. There are many suppliers with prefinished, off the rack inexpensive cabinet doors, hardware stores, online retailers local importers and local manufacturers. Doors can start as low as $26 each.

Acrylic Splashback

A new splashback can make a world of difference, acrylic is less expensive than glass and comes in all the latest colours. There are a number of options for DIY with this product. You can buy a full sheet and cut it yourself using all the same tools as you would with timber,  you can measure the area very carefully, including cut outs for power points and light switches and supply this info to your supplier and have them cut it for you, both of these options you can then install yourself or you can have the whole thing measured cut and installed by a professional. It will depend on your budget. Acrylic is more forgiving than toughened glass, if your measurement are slightly out you can shave a bit off. 

Effective Lighting

Lighting is what makes the kitchen sing. There are fantastic lighting options out there that don't have to cost the earth. Once again Ikea has really inexpensive clever lighting. You can use strip lighting under the overhead cupboards or under the breakfast bar overhang. There is also a good range of plug in task lighting. These touches look a million dollars but will cost under $100 if you have a GPO to plug them into.

If the budget won't stretch to all of these changes, checkout our $500 Kitchen Renovation ideas and mix and match till you get a good look.