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Split Systems

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Reverse cycle split systems will both heat and cool your home. All systems have both an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is wall mounted (on an exterior wall) normally quite high up on the wall, whilst the exterior unit is normally floor mounted outside on the same or a nearby wall. If you require the exterior unit to be moved to a position further away from the internal unit this will usually involve additional cost. -You really don't want the exterior unit any where near where you want to sit, entertain or BBQ, as it will blow hot air in summer and cold air in winter. 

In cooling mode a split system extracts warm air and moisture from the room. The moisture and heat are then transfered outside whilst cooler air from condensor unit is then transfered inside with a fan. This allows you to control the temperature, humidity and to purify the air inside your home.

There are two types of split systems

  • Split system reverse cycle- One area only
  • Multi split system 2 or more outlets inside with one exterior unit. 

Reverse Cycle Split Systems        

  • Refrigerated system
  • Immediate heating / cooling
  • Suitable for one room or open plan area depending on size purchased
  • Console or fan system wall mounted inside
  • Must be on an exterior wall
  • Compressor located outside, normally as close as possible to the wall unit to reduce installation cost
  • Ensure correct size unit is installed
  • Remote controller
  • Thermostat and timer

Multi Split Systems

Multi split systems are exactly the same a single split systems except the unit has multiple (up to 3) wall hung outlets in multiple rooms with one compressor outside. One of the grea advantages is they can be used in rooms with suspensed slabs or cathedral ceilings where ducting can't be installed.

Helpful Hints

You can buy units that just heat or just cool, however the cost difference between a single purpose unit and a dual purpose unit is negligable once you compare install of an alternative heating/cooling source. As is usually the way 'you get what you pay for' in this area. Do some homework on the brands you are considering before you choose.

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