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Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling Fans are an effective way to circulate the air in a room. While they don’t actually cool the air the effect of the circulating air will make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler. They are particularly pleasant in bedrooms. Compared to conventional air conditioning they are inexpensive to buy and really cheap to run (as little as 1cent per hour). Used in conjunction with air conditioning they could effectively reduce your running costs by 10-40%.

The Facts

A good fan will have a reverse option on the dial. This means that in winter the fan blows the hot air that has risen to the ceiling back down the walls to the ground thus reducing heating bills, and in summer the fan circulates in the opposite direction creating air movement and a cool breeze.

All fans should have a speed adjustment dial and can come with a light as well if required.

Blade Size

You will need to choose a fan that is the right size for your room, the bigger the room the bigger the blades. (Large 132cm and over, Medium 122cm  Small 112cm and under) The number of blades (3, 4 or 5) will dictate the size of the motor required.


Metal blades create more noise than timber blades. I recommend you discuss noise with your supplier, you usually only get what you pay for and the quieter the fan the higher the price!

Remote Control

An additional extra is a remote control.

Cathedral ceilings

Fans work really well with very high ceilings, all that costly heated air sitting up at the ceiling in winter can be re circulated through the room saving enormously on heating bills. (You might need an extension rod for the fan when having it installed)

Helpful Hints

Don’t forget you will need a light, fans are normally central in the room so get a fan with a light or have alternative lighting i.e. 4 Downlights in lieu of a central pendant light

Outdoor fans in alfresco areas must be protected from rain and the elements.

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