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The smart way to find your Tradie

Getting the details right…..

  1. Orientation-Living areas on northern side of the house, bathrooms, ensuite, laundry and other wet areas on the eastern or western side of the house, bedrooms on the south. This way natural sunlight can penetrate the living areas in winter.

  1. Zoning- make sure you can shut off the main living area from the rest of the house. This will help with heating and cooling, plus sound travelling- I recommend sound proof the home theatre/ TV area- door seals and acoustic ceiling insulation are a good idea
  1. Computer nook in the kitchen
  • so kids can be supervised at the computer
  • so you can check emails or recipes in the main living area/ kitchen
  • include a storage area for homework & school bags if you have kids


  1. Have your kitchen near the shoppers entry so you don’t have to carry shopping bags too far


  1. Really check the kitchen cupboard details, how does cabinetry join brickwork? How does it join the cornice, do you want the cupboards all the way to the ceiling. If you want it to look sleek and minimal you need to pay attention to the smallest details.Don’t forget the cold water tap in the fridge recess


  1. Have a grey water recycling system installed- we have such prolonged dry periods in Perth, recycling your grey water makes more sense than collecting rain water as the system will be in use all year round


  1. Downpipe- these are meant to disappear, they are not a design feature! DO NOT make them the same colour as the gutters; they should be painted to match the outside walls.


  1. If you don’t know where to start with colours, choose your main flooring first. Choosing between timber, tile, stone, lino or bamboo will help you start the process.


  1. Wiring- make sure you plan your electrical with care. TV’s placed so they don’t face windows and have a glare problem, enough power points(bedside lamp power points, coffee machine and toaster GPO’s, two way light switches on hallways and staircases, sensor lights on the driveway).

  1. Paint colours- choose these last. There are so many paint colours available- you will always be able to find one the right colour, or even have a custom colour mixed. Floors, cabinetry and carpets come in a finite number of colours- paint can always be matched to your chosen palette.

One final tip….plan for the future. Most people underestimate the length of time they will stay in a new house.

Think about

  • Will you have kids soon
  • Will your kids leave home soon
  • Do you plan to stay in the house until old age- might you need wheel chair access (no steps and wide doorways) or bathroom safety rails
  • Can you shut off unused areas of the house to save on cleaning and energy consumption