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Poured Concrete or Limestone

One of the great advantages of poured surfaces is that they are solid, therefore weeds and ant hills cannot come up in the gaps. You will need access for a concrete truck to all areas that you want poured or else a concrete pump will be needed ($). The area to be poured will need to be ‘formed up’ (a timber frame is made to pour into). The poured surface can have decorative lines marked into it to look like a paving pattern, but will always need some expansion lines so it doesn’t crack. Different finishes are available

  • Poured Concrete
  • Exposed or Washed Aggregate
  • Poured Limestone
  • Polished Concrete (terrazzo)
  • Tiled outdoor areas i.e. your Alfresco area (concrete underneath)

Poured Concrete    

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Poured concrete is just that, concrete that is poured into place. It is available in an enormous range of colours which are added to the mix before pouring. The surface can also be stenciled to look like paving if required.

Washed / Exposed Aggregate   

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This is similar to poured concrete except that the surface is washed off before the concrete is hard which then exposes the aggregate (stones) at the surface of the concrete. You can choose any concrete colour and can then add whatever ‘stone’ colour you like to the mix. This looks great and feels nice underfoot. It is a great non slip surface.

Polished/ Honed Concrete (Terrazzo)    

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This is taking the poured concrete one step further still and grinding and polishing the surface to a smooth finish. This exposes the aggregate (stone) in the concrete but creates a smooth finish. This is a premium product. As stated before you can choose the concrete colour and the stone colour….and it doesn’t even need to be stones you can have blue glass chips or recycled glass added if you like. This flooring is also suitable for indoor areas so works beautifully for that seamless indoor outdoor look.

Poured Limestone    

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Poured limestone is crushed up limestone mixed with minimal concrete to create a solid limestone surface. The higher the limestone percentage the cooler the feel underfoot will be. This surface has the beauty of limestone with the strength of concrete. Sealing any limestone product is usually a good idea


Tiles can also be used for an outdoor area, however normally only for an alfresco area. Tiles must be laid on concrete and thus normally only used when joined to the house slab to create that indoor/outdoor continuity.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Placing PVC pipe under your paving for future reticulation/electrical access is a great idea even if you’re not sure if you’ll need it. Your landscaper will thank you if they require access at a later date
  • Darker colours will attract more heat in summer
  • Lighter colours can show more wear and tear, i.e.tyre marks
  • Sealing may be required to keep your outdoor area looking better for longer and reduce maintenance. Make sure you seal the driveway BEFORE anyone drives on it. One car wheel turning while the car is not moving and the marks are there for ages

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