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Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing is an area that is governed by your individual local council regulations and may vary from council to council. The code is to ensure small children cannot access the pool either under over or though whether it be glass pool fencing or powdercoated pool fencing.

Check you local Council website for current restrictions

General Restrictions

  • Pool fences must be a permanent effective barrier
  • Minimum 1200mm high
  • No sharp edges or projections
  • Minimum 1200mm from climbable objects in the garden
  • Gap at the bottom of the fence is a max of 100mm from a solid surface (i.e. paving)
  • Gaps between uprights no wider that 100mm
  • Horizontal rails either less than 10mm apart or more than 900mm
  • Gates must open outwards with latch on the inside
  • Pool latches must be inaccessible to children either reaching over or through the gate
  • Gate must be unassisted self closing and locking

Construction Materials

Most pool fences are either

  • Frameless glass
  • Semi frameless glass
  • Framed glass
  • Powdercoated aluminium or pre galvanised tube

Glass Fencing           


Frameless Glass

  • If installed with channels set in concrete has no visible supports
  • Can be installed with spigots set in the concrete, glass is clasped between the spigot arms
  • Glass for this application needs to be thick (normally 10-12mm toughened safety) enough for the purpose you are using it.
  • The larger the glass panel the thicker it needs to be
  • Gaps are left between the glass panels for air movement
  • Edges should be polished and champhered

Speak with your pool fencing expert for particulars and current Building Code conditions

Semi Frameless Glass

  • Aluminium or marine stainless steel upright posts but no bottom or top rail
  • Posts can be powdercoated in a range of colours
  • Glass is normally toughened safety 8-10mm thick dependant on use

Framed Glass

  • Sheets of glass are fully framed sides, top and bottom
  • Frame is powdercoated to suit.
  • Powdercoated aluminium or pre galvanised steel tube.

Powdercoated Fencing


Powdercoated fencing is available in pre galv or powdercoated tube, there are numerous styles available that comply with WA pool safety regulations. This is an economic pool fencing option and is available in many colours. Supplied in pre assembled panels so you can DIY or have a professional do it for you. 

It is a very safe option as it  cannot be smashed, it has good longevity and requires no cleaning and very little maintenance.

Helpful Hints

Pace out the area you need to fence, then divide your budget by the linear metres. You will soon work out which type you can afford, don’t forget you need installation, gates and self closers.

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