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With our great Perth weather and indoor / outdoor lifestyle what better way to enjoy it than having a bbq on the deck.

Perhaps your first consideration is

Solid timber will provide you with many different woods to choose from, however ensure these are responsibly harvested.

modern outdoor room

Composite materials are manufactured from waste plastics using environmentally sound practices.

Engineered timber is manufactured using solid timber offcuts.


If you are using a timber product, consider if you want your decking to fade to a grey colour or if you prefer the original wood grain/ colour. If you prefer the original wood colour and your deck is exposed to the weather, regular maintenance will be required. Frequency of maintenance will depend on exposure to the weather and choice of timber. Basically if it starts changing colour oil it!

New fixing systems are now available so that NO fixings are visible when your deck is finished. These fixings are underneath the deck, this has a wonderful advantage over standard nails or screws in that you can sand/refinish your deck really easily every few years if you wish. Alternatively ensure your decking specialist uses stainless steel or galvanized fixings.

(must be stainless near a pool) so your fixings don't rust out. Composite decking requires no maintenance

Building a deck videos

Preparation         Foundations     Framewoork       Laying the deck


Alternatively use locally harvested Australian hardwoods from managed re growth forests. Also check that the timber has been kiln dried to between 10-14%, this will make the wood more stable.

If you are planning on building the deck yourself most woods are available from your local timber merchants


Solid Timber    

Treated Pine

  • Local resource

    Timber deck

  • Renewable plantation grown
  • Can be knotty and have notches (ensure you are getting quality pine)
  • Soft wood
  • Limited lifespan
  • Can be stained
  • Inexpensive option


  • Local WA Resource
  • Hard wood
  • Managed from re growth forest
  • Long lifespan
  • Beautiful dark red/brown colour
  • Similar price as some imports

Imported Timbers 

  • Kapur, Batu, Merbau and Pelawan
  • There is the probability of it being rainforest or old growth forest if not accompanied by a certificate from a managed authorized logging area. REQUEST CERTIFIED TIMBER
  • Variety of colours, can be stained
  • Suitable for coastal areas
  • Resistant to termites

Composite Decks    


Wood composite is a man made product, manufactured from recycled wood and recycled plastic. There a number of products on the market each with slightly different characteristics. The recycled plastic is usually from plastic bottles and other plastic waste and timber byproduct or plant husk. This product makes good use of two waste products at once.

  • Numerous colours available
  • No knots or weaknesses, won’t warp or crack
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Termite resistant
  • Check for 10yr warranty
  • No splinters
  • Suitable around pools and near the ocean
  • Smooth finish can be slippery
  • Some products can scratch with normal usage
  • Specialised fixings normally required
  • Some products not suitable for fire prone areas
  • Can get hot underfoot in full sun

Engineered Jarrah Deck    


  • Engineereded from jarrah off cuts and waste
  • Stronger than harvested jarrah, no faults or inherent weaknesses
  • Termite resistant
  • Pre oiled
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Uniquely West Australian

Helpful Hints

  • Ensure you have the correct council approvals in place. I would advise having your decking drawn on your house or renovation plans even if you won’t be building it until after the house is finished. This way you won’t have to pay planning costs again later. 
  • The support for your decking should always be constructed of suitable load bearing timber or steel.
  • Remember if you are installing around a pool to check if your chosen decking is suitable.
  • Install decking with a fall away from your house. 
  • Lay decking reeded side down (reeded side will just catch debris, it is not less slippery)
  • Lay boards in the same direction as the fall to allow better drainage.
  • SEAL ALL timber decks including the end grain once installed to stop water ingress and consequent warping.
  • Sweep or blow down decks regularly to eliminate sand/debris build up which will allow water to run off efficiently.


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If you are planning on building the deck yourself most woods are available from your local timber merchants