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A growing industry in our dry climate. Artificial lawn is now very in vogue. If you don't want to spend your weekends toiling over the grass in the back yard, this stuff is for you.

The Facts

Gone are the obvious green carpets of the past and in their place are some very convincing, heart stopping green manicured lawn imitations. Choices range from an immaculate single green fibre to a mixed green and brown strand that has a more realistic appearance. You can have strands in varied heights to further increase the appearance of real grass. It all comes down to what you want to spend. If you are on a tight budget you can always install it yourself, this will save you about 40% of the cost. 99% of rolls are 3.66cm wide, occasionally you can find one 4m wide.


  • Saves money on excess water bills
  • No storm water runoff unlike poured concrete or limestone
  • Reduces fertilizer run off into our waterways
  • No mowing
  • No weeding (it is possible for grass seed to germinate in the sand brushed under the turf, just pull out or spray with weed killer)
  • Almost zero maintenance (Brush with a broom to lift pile, hose down every few weeks in summer)
  • Can be laid where grass won't grow
  • Suitable for balconies, indoors, under patios, under shade structure and roof tops
  • Looks amazing
  • Quick to install
  • 15 Guarantee is pretty standard for the industry


  • Expensive (initial purchase)
  • Can get very hot in direct summer sun see youtube demo
  • Requires site preparation with 3mm blue metal aggregate and sand
  • Must be hosed down if pets defecate on it


All suppliers will offer a full installation option. However if you are trying to save money and want to do this yourself its not really that hard. If you can do paving you can do this. Installation my vary slightly from product to product, but ask your supplier for written instructions on how to DIY

  • The area must be clean and level
  • 3mm blue metal aggregate / crackerdust (which can be purchased from any soil /sand supplier cost at about $50 a scoop) at 50mm coverage applied.
  • Level aggregate
  • Cover with washed sand, screed and compact- ensure you have a slight 'fall' away from the house
  • Roll out grass and trim with a sharp stanley knife
  • If joining lengths ensure grass pile is lying in the same direction
  • Glue, liquid nails any joins with the provided joining tape
  • Once the grass is in and trimmed to size dry white sand or pelletized rubber is shovelled over the top then broomed in to assist the grass fibres to stand up and to bed down the grass roll.

The grass comes on a roll and the backing is perforated with small holes to allow drainage. Rolls are joined together with a backing tape and adhesive for expanses wider than 3.66m.

Ensure you lay the turf with the fibres lying towards the area from which it will be viewed. The fibres have a glossy finish which is the UV coating, this can be a bit shiny when viewed from the back of the fibres in full sun, so ensure the grass 'pile' faces the alfresco or seating area.

Watch a youtube video of an installation

Helpful Hints

Check what the manufacturing really means.......does made in Australia mean fibre imported from China then manufactured in Australia.

Check for lead free manufacture.