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Outdoor Screens and Panels, Lightboxes

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In WA due to our fabulous climate we love to spend time outdoors. New homes and open plan extensions take full advantage of this by designing with free flowing spaces that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living areas..

The Facts

Decoration of our outdoor spaces has become almost as important as the internal design features, and why not, when this is where we relax and entertain our friends and family. The outdoor spaces need not be large only well designed.

From a single artwork or lightbox hanging centred on a garden wall through to a full size flowing water wall, each will create a garden escape that is unique and distinctly to your taste. There are many different types of outdoor decoration and art available. They are purpose designed and will withstand the rigors of our climate without fading or disintegrating.

  • Paintings / Kanvas
  • Sculpture
  • Decorative panels
  • Laser cut metal screens
  • Lightboxes
  • Water features

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    Laser cut screens and panels are a fabulous new niche market. These versatile products can be purely aesthetic providing a focal point / creating an atmosphere or they can serve a functional task like defining a space, creating 'room' dividers or creating shade . The panels can be made from many different materials. These will weather think, do you want shiny polished stainless steel, powdercoated aluminium or mild steel. Think about fixings for your panels as well, do you want it free standing, mounted flush on a wall or sitting proud of the wall to create a shadowline.

    Any design which includes flowing water will give a restful ambiance to an outdoor area. The water noise will also help mask noise from other areas, like the neighbours or the road. The more cascading water the more noise it will mask.


    Don’t forget to install lighting to your special piece. A wonderful feature in the garden, beautifully lit, seen from the house at night can add a whole new dimension to an interior room. Put the lighting on a timer if you like so you can enjoy your little bit of paradise every night.

    Helpful Hints

    Some suppliers will assist you with a full design service depending on what you are purchasing. Alternatively a landscape architect can really help with the design process, installation and project management. If you’re a bit stuck…..check out the online gallery’s of the Suppliers above.

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