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Letterboxes can be manufactured from many material

  • Timber
  • Powdercoated steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastic
  • Cast limestone/ concrete mix
  • High density foam with textured render look finish
  • Custom built with bricks or blocks

When building a new home you will need to think about where your letterbox will be situated.

  • Mail box bricked into a wall
  • Mail box set onto a wall or fence
  • Free standing solid letterbox
  • Letterbox on a post


  • Do you require access from the back of the box or just from the front
  • Do you want your street number on the letterbox
  • Is capacity needed for parcels
  • Would you like a mail flag to alert you when there is post to collect


Do you require

  • Key lock
  • Padlock


Most letterboxes will have some form of post that will need to be concreted into a hole in the ground.

You will most likely need

  • Quick set cement
  • A spirit level
  • Posthole digger (or spade)
  • Wheelbarrow to mix cement in (spray with CRC or WD40 so it rinse clean)

Helpful Hints

If you are building a front wall incorporate a built in letterbox as it is less expensive that a free standing one

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