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Clothes Lines

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Things to consider when choosing a washing line

  • Is there access to northern light for winter drying?
  • How many linear metres of line do you require?
  • Is the area used for other purposes, will the line be in the way?
  • Do you need it installed?
  • Is there enough room to access the line?

The Facts

There are four types of outdoor washing lines

  • Rotary
  • Folding
  • Retractable
  • Fixed

As per all things, you get what you pay for. Cheaper lines will have more plastic parts while better quality ones will be galvanized then Powdercoated in your choice of colour. Tension locks ensure that your line doesn’t sag or droop and will be included on a quality clothesline.

Your clothes will dry faster the further apart the lines on your washing line are.


A fixed line is just a single plastic coated line attached between two anchor bolts. Cheapest DIY option available

Can be installed between two fixed points in 10 minutes with a drill

Available at any hardware store

Limited capacity

Great for long skinny areas down the side of the house where a regular line is too wide


Retractable washing lines run between two points. This can be walls or posts installed in the ground.

They retract back into a cabinet when not in use.

Poles can also be removable

Normally 4 or 6 lines

Check the minimum and maximum retracting lengths

Lots of cheap and nasty ones available, look for quality manufacture


Folding lines are usually wall mounted, but free standing kits are available

Attached to a north facing wall you will receive added reflected heat from the wall in winter.

They fold down out of the way with one simple motion

Large range of sizes available from 12m to 35m of line space

Lines are fairly close together


This is the old Aussie style clothes line we all grew up with

Adjustable height to allow for sheets etc

Fixed or folding/removable options available

Needs about 5 square metres to allow air movement

Large capacity (around 40 linear metres of line)

Waterproof covers available

Helpful Hints

Ideally your drying area should be on the Northern side of your house or have access to northern light. (This will give you extra sunshine on the washing in the winter months)

Installation by a professional is inexpensive

You can always use a retractable line or clothes horse in the garage on a rainy day

Clothes dryers are power guzzlers. Take advantage of all our free Australian Sunshine

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