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Epoxy Floor

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This flooring is applied to your concrete slab and has many advantages. Previously used in commercial applications it is now popular with architects and designers as a seamless, highly resilient flooring option. This flooring system has numerous advantages

  • Seamless finish - no grout or gaps
  • Available in a vast range of colours, styles and patterns
  • Gloss or matt finish
  • Quicker installation than most flooring option
  • Suitable for wet areas and living areas
  • Low maintenance
  • Exceedingly durable
  • Stain resistant
  • Hygenic
  • Non slip
  • Cost effective
  • Every floor is unique


This flooring can be used on a new home or on a renovation where there is a concrete slab. There is no need to inform your builder as the floor can be done once lock up is achieved. The first step is to grind the slab to a smooth finish, and any cracks are patched (this is not like polished concrete where the slab is cut back). Colours and stains are then added, the possibilities are pretty much endless....even shimmer finishes and colour changing option are available. The water based epoxy coating is applied directly on the concrete. This coating will allow for some movement of the concrete so cracking is not as problematic.

These floors are sooo easy to keep clean, there is no grout and no joins so there is nowhere for dirt to hide. Epoxy floors can be adapted to suit any interior style, red high gloss for a dramatic finish or mottled cream for a more subtle approach. Really the only limit is your imagination.

Helpful Hints

Check your installer for UV stabilised products

Check for environmental credetials