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Carpet is available to suit pretty much any budget and any decor. Carpet has many great qualities

  • Sound Insulation- Carpet will absorb noise rather than letting it bounce around a room
  • Thermal Insulation- non conductive therefore keeping the heated air inside in winter
  • Comfort Underfoot- Nothing is quite as luxurious as a thick pile carpet underfoot
  • Non slip/soft fall
  • Quick to install

Carpet Style

You will need to choose the style of the carpet and the fibre.

Basic styles are

  • Loop Pile
  • Cut Pile
  • Twist Pile
  • A combination of these styles

Loop Pile

This is where the carpet fibre is continuous and left in a loop, some loops are very closely woven and flat while others are more obvious.

Cut Pile

This means all the tightly woven loops have been cut to leave the end fibre as the carpet surface. Velvety finish and rather luxurious.

Twist Pile

Twist Pile is like cut pile but the strands have been twisted to give a more uneven surface, this will show less traffic wear and be harder wearing.


Some carpets combine loop and cut or loop and twist. By differing the surface of the carpet you see less wear and dirt than a smooth surface carpet. This can be useful if you want to use a single colour carpet in a trafficable area.

What's it made of?

Australian carpets are manufactured from three main fibres wool, nylon and polypropylene. Carpets can be made entirely from one fibre or from a blend of fibres. Each has qualities to recommend it


  • Wool is a natural renewable resource
  • Naturally fire resistant
  • Can be dyes to any colour
  • Is naturally resiliant (will spring back)
  • Luxurious underfoot

Other Natural products being made into carpets are

  • Sisal- from the Agarve Sisalana, leaves are dried then spun into yard. Very hard wearing, rough texture. Cannot dye
  • Coir- from coconut fibre, husk is pulped and woven into yarn, natural colour only
  • Seagrass- Hardwearing fibre from paddy fields. Naturally stain resistant, comes in natural hues of green to beige
  • Jute -from the tropical herb corchorus, makes fine weave carpets, can be dyed

Nylon and Solution Dyed Nylon

Nylon is very hardwaring, it has good stain resistant qualities inherent to its fabrication. Though not as resilient as wool, in a low loop or loop and pile combination carpet resilience is not really as important. Nylon will give you a good result in areas that gets high traffic.   Nylon can also be combined with wool to create a carpet with wools' resilence and luxury and nylons' longevity and durability.


Nylon carpets are made from a white nylon fibre which is then dyed in a batch. Due to this feature there is a vast range of colours available in nylon. Nylon carpets come in bright colours and muted colours. Nylon carpet can be subject to fading depending on the colour and exposure.

Solution Dyed Nylon

This means the nylon has the colour is added during the manufacturing process of the fibre itself. Consequently there are less colours available in this type of carpet than the nylon carpets. However all the neutral to dark palettes are normally covered. (if you want bright purple you'll probably have to go for a nylon carpet!!) As the colour is inherrant to the fibre, fading is unlikely.



Polypropylene is a man made extruded fibre, as a result it cannot absorb liquid or stains. Spills will just sit on the surface waiting to be cleaned. It is extremely hardwearing, it will actually never wear out it will just eventually 'shape out' and look lacklustre. Polypropelene is one of the cheapest fibres available and these carpets are at the low end of the cost spretrum.


Each type of carpet has its own particular advantage, it really depends on the end use and traffic level you expect the carpet to perform under. If you have young kids who frequently trample dirt from the garden and food from the dinner table onto you floors go an easy clean low pile man made. If you are carpeting a bedroom where you want a luxurious sanctuary a wool cut pile in cream might be just the go. Remember for a luxury feel you will need a quality underlay as well.

Most houses are carpeted with broadloom carpet which comes in a roll. Standard rolls are 3.626 wide. If you choose a large pattern or pattern repeat you will need to allow extra meterage for pattern matching.

Helpful Hints

Remember the 'plainer' the carpet the more marks/wear/traffic or dirt you will see on the carpet. i.e. a cream wool cut pile carpet will show directional marks from the vacuum cleaner, then foot marks as you walk over the vacuum marks. (This is not a bad thing just something to be aware of- oh and it will feel lovely underfoot) A nylon combined loop and twist pile using three thread colours will hide a multitude of sins for a busy household and require less vacuuming to keep looking good

Don't forget the underlay, better to spend a bit less on the carpet and put it towards the cost of the underlay than using a really cheap underlay. Remember costs quoted for carpet do not include underlay, installation or delivery.

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