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Construction Schedule / Building Timeline

Thinking of building a home? Need some help?

This page outlines the order of what goes on and when stuff happens during the construction of a house.

If you sign with a big builder these are your contact people

  • Sales Rep until you sign
  • Contract Administrator- until your slab goes down
  • Client Liaison and Supervisor- from slab to completion
  • Maintenance Supervisor- from handover 

If you are with a small boutique builder you may only deal with the builder and his wife or admin person

So, you've found a home or builder you like and you have a block of land, you now need to.....

  • Check your builder is a registered builder
  • Negotiate with the Sales Rep / Registered building company
  • If it's a customised design, get your sketch plans approved
  • Preparation of plans agreement signed + payment made
  • Pricing estimate prepared by builder
  • Quotation accepted by you

Deposit payment


  • Preliminary Works
  • Survey and Engineers Report
  • Full working drawings
  • Contract documentation (HIA or MBA contract recommended)
  • Documentation signed off by Client
  • Plans go to council for approval (up to 3 months)
  • Demolition if required
  • Start date (confirm what your builder considers the ‘Start Date’)
  • Earthworks/compaction
  • Temporary power
  • White ant treatment
  • Reo positioned
  • Plumbing mains and prelay
  • Ducted vacuum preliminaries
  • Floor safe position confirmed
  • Security pre wire
  • Concreter- pour slab

Slab down payment

Slab down, bricks delivered

  • Windows/door frames delivered to site
  • Bricks/sand/mortar delivered
  • Glass blocks if required
  • Lintels delivered
  • Scaffold erected
  • Brickies complete ground floor brickwork

Plate high (plate ground) payment

Plate ground building stage

Single storey homes-skip this section

  • Scaffold
  • Formwork for suspended slab
  • Electrical prelay
  • Plumber
  • Gas points
  • Intercom
  • Ducted vacuum
  • Penetrations for ducted air conditioning (position required on plan)
  • Floor safe position
  • Reo positioned
  • Pour suspended slab

Suspended slab payment


Scaffold up, reo going in

  • Windows /door frames delivered
  • Bricks/sand/mortar
  • Lintels/brickwork
  • Brickies finish 1st floor

Plate first payment

Plate 1st

  • Roof timber or steel delivered
  • Steel support lintels delivered
  • Roof carpenter
  • Eaves lining
  • Sisalation/anticon if required
  • Roof cover delivered
  • Fascia on
  • Roofing cover on
  • Roof plumber- gutters-gutter guard-overflow-down pipes
  • Ridge capping

Roof cover payment

Roof cover on 2 storey build

  • Plasterer- upstairs exterior render (if required)
  • Painter- upstairs exterior (if required)
  • Drop scaffold
  • Exterior paint ground floor
  • Grey coat internal walls (float)
  • Tube out- electrician/plumber
  • Ceiling fixer- ceilings in
  • White coat interior walls (set)
  • Cornices fixed
  • Cabinetry measure (kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, built in cabinetry etc)
  • Window glaze- Window Company
  • Exterior doors/door furniture delivered
  • Fixing carpenter-hang doors
  • Fix door furniture for exterior door or install temporary locks

Lock-up payment

Lock up on new 2 storey build

(I hate to tell you but this is about half way)

  • WC's, spa, bath in (plumber)
  • Tiler ......... waterproofing, splash back, brick-ups, wet area floors
  • Hang internal doors
  • Fix window nosing
  • Paint ceilings
  • Internal paint of doors and frames + mouldings capping etc
  • Grano/hardstand to garage floor
  • Balustrade if required (exterior)
  • Cabinetry/ kitchen/ vanity/ laundry/ slide out rangehood
  • Air con install
  • Intercom
  • Ducted Vacuum
  • Security
  • Internal door furniture
  • Robe shelves/rails
  • Tapware
  • Shower screens
  • Mirrors
  • Bathroom accessories (towel rails/ toilet roll holders)
  • Internal balustrade
  • Light fittings (bayonet or owner supplied)
  • Fly screens
  • Insulation
  • Internal wall painting (if in contract)
  • Main floor cover (if by builder) (skirting?)
  • Soak wells
  • Paving, crossover
  • Oven, hotplate, canopy rangehood (can be put in earlier but are then a security risk)
  • HWU
  • Final Clean
  • Hand over inspection (list create of outstanding items)

Practical completion payment


  • Bank Cheque or direct deposit if keys required immediately
  • Hand over of keys, termite certificate and any additional paperwork/warranty’s
  • Complete all items on the handover list


  • Contract stipulates builder’s maintenance period (min 120 days from Practical Completion)
  • Submit a list of defects to be rectified to your builder before the maintenance period expires.
  • 7 year structural warranty (WA) includes protection for water ingress regardless of change of ownership

Miscellaneous items to be completed as convenient during the building contract prior to practical completion if they are in your building contract

  • Patio/gazebo
  • Garden walls
  • Pool
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Screen walls

How do I start?

Choosing a new home

Do you choose a block first or a house.....Really its up to you, land developers recommend arranging the block first.....not surprising. However if you know your block frontage and dimensions and which way it faces (North/South/East/West), it makes it easy to find a home which works really well on your block.

New land developments, particularly big ones, pay great attention to solar design principles and many developers now offer a package for both house and land.

Alternatively if you choose a home first the builder can advise if you need an East/West block or a North/South block. They can also advise how they can adjust a home you love to suit an unusual block. This is perhaps more likely with infill building and small subdivisions

    All builds are unique and all builders have differing methods and styles, not all items will apply to all builds. This list is a guide only. Remember every single item to be used to construct your home will be listed on your plans/drawings, your addenda or your contract. This is the blueprint for your home.

    Good Luck- if you have further questions send us an email at