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Roof Tiles

Great looking Roof Tiles

One of the major advantages of choosing roof tiles would have to be the large range of colours and profiles (shapes). Single colour selections can be made or a blend of up to 5 colours used in uniform or random patterns. This means you can create a vast array of styles lie Mediterranean, Georgian or French provincial. Profiles range from the familiar Spanish or Mission tile to flat shingle looking tiles.  Tiles can then vary their appearance even more through the choice of glaze or finish


Living with a tile roof                               

  • Tile roofs have a large thermal mass meaning they are slow to heat up and cool down.
  • In an Australian climate this means in hot weather they will be slower to heat up on a hot day than say a tin roof but they will also be slower to cool down.
  • Dark tiles will absorb more heat than say terracotta coloured
  • Roof tiles are laid so that there is a passage for air to escape between the tiles, a tile roof with reflective foil underneath will have higher insulation qualities
  • Tile roofs are quiet, there is no noise from expansion and contraction and noise from heavy rain or hail is considerably lessened.

Roof tiles come in two main categories:

  • Concrete Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles (Clay)

Concrete Tiles    

Find conrete tiles in Perth

  • A less expensive option than clay tiles, they are manufactured from cement, sand and pigments
  • Colour can be through the core of the tile or applied to the tile surface only
  • Often a additional sealer is applied to the tile
  • Can be manufactured in almost any profile
  • Wide range of colours
  • Can be subject to fading
  • Gloss tiles can become matt over a period of time
  • Structural guarantee up to 50 yrs
  • Concrete is not natural resource, check the manufacturers enviromental policy
  • Can be repainted
  • Tile roofs are quiet

Terracotta / Clay Tiles

Find clay tiles in Perth


Terracotta tiles either have the colour impregnated through the entire tile or the have been fired with a glaze on them (sealed like a dinner plate). This means there is minimal fading, increased water resistance and even if you choose a gloss finish the roof should look the same as the day it was installed for a long time.

  • Made of clay a natural renewable resource
  • Many colours available, not just terracotta coloured
  • The longevity of clay roof tiles is another advantage
  • Almost no maintenance
  • While their purchase and installation may be initially higher than other roofing materials there is normally a 50yr guarantee on the product
  • Clay tiled roofs have lasted hundreds of year in some European buildings


Over the years tradesmen will periodically need to access your roof (check hot water systems and air conditioning) you need a strong tile to avoid broken tiles and subsequent leaks.

Also keep a few spare tiles aside for future breakages.

Installing reflective laminate foil or sarking under the tiles will temporarily waterproof the roof in the event of a cracked tile and will also increase insulating qualities and reduce dust (see insulation)

If you are trying to match a tile that is no longer available in Perth try WA Brickmatch

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