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Gutters and Fascia

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The gutter is the catchment vessel for all the rainwater coming off your roof. From the gutter the round or rectangular downpipes take the water to a water tank or soakwell.

The fascia is the flat extrusion that covers the eave ends directly below the gutter. If you’re having open eaves you won’t have a fascia, if you have lined eaves you will.


Powdercoated Gutter and Fascia

  • Pre finished
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • You must choose from the standard powdercoat range of colours
  • Custom Powdercoating is available but will cost extra

Galvanised Steel Gutter and Fascia

  • Must be painted and the paintwork maintained
  • Can be painted any colour you like

If you’re building a two storey house consider Powdercoated gutters and fascia as a safety precaution. Painting on the second storey without a safety harness has great potential for serious/fatal injury.

Gutters are available in numerous profiles to suit all different types of architectural styles,

  • Straight Faced
  • Curved
  • ¼ round
  • Square faced

Emergency Overflow slots can also be requested. (small slots are cut into the gutter so overflow will flow out of the gutter not into the roof space) Speak to your builder about what type of gutter you can have within your contract allowance.

Leaf Guards for Gutters

What you want to avoid is leaves collecting in the gutter, clean gutters mean

  • Reduced fire risk
  • Reduced risk of overflow and back flow into the ceiling
  • Cleaner water going into water tanks
  • Longer gutter life span and reduced deterioration

There are various types of gutter grates and grills on the market that prevent the leaves getting in the gutter. Check with your builder if the gutter manufacturer has a permanent matching gutter leaf guard for your gutter. Its easier to have it fitted during construction as it sits over the gutter but under the roof. Retro fitting normally involves removing roof sheeting. If the leaves are kept out of the gutter most will just be blown off the roof in the next strong dry breeze.

Helpful Hints

Consider having patio bolts put on the eave ends through the fascia if you plan on adding a pergola at a later date. This will save the installer taking your roof sheets off to bolt the structure to the house.

The positions of the downpipes will be determined by the roof plumber and may vary from planned positions. Speak to your supervisor about positions for the front elevation and patio areas. You really don't want a downpipe right next to the front door or on the built in BBQ wall. Some downpipes can be made a feature of with an oversized top funnel, but usuallly you just want them to disappear so have them finished in the same colour as the walls (not matching the gutter or fascia)

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