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Most Demolition Company’s will price for a clean block. This means that the block is cleared of all material that will impede the building process. This includes built structures, pools and trees. Your block is returned to 'natural contours' it does not include leveling your block if it is on a slope or retaining if required. If there are items you wish to keep i.e. the pool, or a particular tree ensure that you have specified this for your quote.

The Facts

As a general rule demolition prices vary from about $8 000 to $15 000 for a single story home, $12 000 to $25 000 for a two story home.

Your price will depend on the amount of salvageable items in the house. The more there is to salvage the lower the cost will be, as a rule the older the house the more there is to salvage. Salvageable items would include: older bricks (solid), roof tiles, quality timber windows, french doors, leadlight window, floor boards, slow combustion stoves (wood fired), decent vanity units or kitchen cupboards, pool fencing. Some trees can be salvaged by independent companies i.e. Jacaranda trees and palm trees, for a payment

Disposal of rubble will have the greatest impact on your price; the more rubble there is to take away the higher the cost. In addition items like asbestos which require specialist removal will increase your cost further.

Demolition companies will go to the prospective property and inspect the house in order to give you a quote on demolition. If accepted a demolition permit is applied for by the demolition company which takes 2-4 weeks then a date is set for the demolition and a set period of time given, i.e. 4 weeks to completion.

A temporary fence will be erected while demolition is in progress and removed immediately upon completion.

Electricity and Gas will need to be disconnected which the contractor will normally take care of for a fee ($200/300 each-Note underground power will be more expensive to disconnect).  Water is normally taken care of by your builder as it is not disconnected just turned off.

Helpful Hints

Decide if you want to keep the fencing as the demolition company can remove this at the same time, or alternatively if you want to keep the fences check for damage before demolition starts so you know what you began with.

Keep in mind: If there is a pool and you intend to keep it you need to install temporary pool fencing for it until your permanent pool fencing is installed.

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