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The Facts

Metal roof cover is a versatile beautiful roofing option. Styles that can be created with this product encompass a wide variety of designs

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Minimalist
  • Federation

Metal roofing can be installed in numerous formats

  • Curved
  • Pitched
  • Flat
  • Skillion

Different profiles are also available

  • Corrugated
  • Profiled
  • Trim deck

Embers from a bushfire cannot penetrate through the roofcover, termites are not interested in it and products are available for houses right on the beach.

If you are considering steel roofing for your home you should inform your builder of the environment you expect the roof to perform in so an appropriate product can be specified. There are combinations or steel, zinc, zincalume, and stainless steel are available but really it comes down to your proximity to water or industrial chemicals, if not the standard product will be absolutely fine.

This is the breakdown of how your requirements will be measured

  • Very Severe Marine: Within 100m of breaking surf
  • Severe Marine: 100-200m of breaking surf or within 50m of still water
  • Marine: 200-400m from breaking surf or within 50-100m from still water
  • Moderate: 400m from breaking surf of within 100m from still water
  • Benign: 1000m from breaking surf or within 500m from still water
  • Industrial chemicals will also have an effect if carried on the wind to the site where you are building

The fixing hardware for the sheets will also be determined by your geographical position. Your Builder will be familiar with the type of roof cover required for your home but if you are near water it is worth mentioning just to ensure coastal requirements are taken into account.

Helpful Hints

Pale or reflective roof surfaces will reflect more heat than darker colours creating a much cooler roof space.

You should also carefully consider how the roof will be insulated as metal roofs can be noisy during hail and will also create noise as they expand and contract during the day.

Overhanging trees contacting the roof can mark the sheeting.

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