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Brick Construction

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When choosing the finish for the exterior of your house the standard choices are either face brick or render (see render for info on this topic) If you choose face brick you need to decide if you will use a standard size brick (230x110x76), a double height brick or a random brick. You will also need to decide the mortar colour and finish. If you want to render the outside of your home then non face bricks will be used.

The Facts

The advantage of face brick construction is that bricks are effectively maintenance free and never need re-coating/painting

Brick Sizes

If you choose a standard size brick then standard laying charges will apply, a double sized brick will cost more to lay but will go up faster and use less mortar. Random brick work is the most expensive and time consuming.

Brick Construction

Clay is a naturally forming resource, clay bricks have natural colour and do not fade.

Masonry blocks are another option for construction however display homes in the metro area normally only use these for an exterior feature. They come in a variety of finishes, colours, sizes and shapes.


View Joints

The choice of mortar for your house is another important decision. Mortar can be the same colour as the brick or in a contrast. i.e. red brick with red mortar or red brick with cream mortar will give two entirely different effects. There are also a number of mortar joint types to choose from (this is the way the mortar is finished when first applied).

  • Flush joint
  • Rolled joint
  • Raked joint
  • Struck joint
  • Smudged joint
  • Smudged and cut
  • Smudged and bagged

Where the brick is exposed on the outside of the house your chosen face brick will be used. Internal walls and any areas to be rendered will use a larger brick non face brick (305x90x162) which is cheaper and faster to put up.

Helpful Hints

There will be a standard allowance for the brick of your home. Check with your builder to ascertain what is ‘standard’ for the home/design you have chosen and what will cost extra. Non standard brick sizes and mortar finish will generally cost you extra.

If you are building in a coastal environment face brick is enormously resilient and cost effective due to low maintenance costs. Bear in mind if you are in a coastal area corrosion resistant wall ties must be used and an appropriately rated brick. (Wall ties are like a metal half coat hanger that is set in double brick walls for increased strength. They connect the two leaves of brickwork in the cavity.) Your builder will know this as part of the building code.

All your bricks must be from the same batch or you run the risk of colour variations. This is particularly important with 2 storey houses as the bricks are sent to site in 2 separate deliveries. (Your builder should arrange this for you, you should not need to specify this.)

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