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Acoustic Insulation

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Acoustic insulation can range from pretty basic to rather high tech and expensive.

Let’s use the home theatre as an example, at a basic level you may want only to have door seals on the doors and a thick carpet on the floor which will help absorb the sound waves and reduce the sound escaping from the room. You could then add acoustic art or acoustic panels to the walls to absorb additional sound and acoustic ‘batt’ insulation in the ceiling to stop sound traveling through the ceiling to other rooms. Your Builder can quote you on adding acoustic batts and door seals.

If you are considering spending a lot of money on your home theatre system to create that real 'at the movies' experience, you really should have an expert on board at the design stage before your plans are finalized. The design of the room and its interior are important factors that need to be addressed as a whole. A home theatre system specialist store will offer design services that can formulate a schedule all of the construction, electrical and acoustic extras that you need, plus the entertainment system itself. Some systems are linked in with your home automation system as well so consult your local expert to see what you require.

Helpful Hints

Just keep in mind, soft furnishings absorb sound, hard surfaces reflect sound. Even with the best sound system in the world, tiled floors and bare walls will bounce sound around within the room. Theatre rooms which have thick carpet, soft couches and a wall hanging or acoustic artwork will sound much better.

Some acoustic insulation will also have thermal qualities so you can combine the sound and heat insulation in one product.

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