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There are lots of options when planning a makeover of your wet areas. Many companies in Perth can do a makeover of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Perhaps the question to ask yourself is how involved do you want to be?

White Minimalist Kitchen Perth  Modern bathroom perth  

The options are

  • Full project management and product supply
  • Project management with you sourcing some or all of the fitout
  • Self managed project

Full Project Management

This is a 'turn key' type approach. You contract the renovation company to do the entire makeover. This includes interior design consultation, planning session, selection of finishes, tapware and appliances. Your selected specialist then places all your orders, employs all the tradespersons onsite (including demolition and removal of all rubbish), schedules the timing of the project and delivers a fully finished, functioning kitchen, bathroom or laundry for a fixed contract price.

Pros: Fast, stress free, you deal with one company

Cons: Expensive, restricted to 'their range' of products


Full project management with you sourcing some or all of the fitout

This approach involves the lead contractor overseeing all of the trades but you source the sink, appliances, tiles, tapware, WC, basins, vanity, cabinets, etc.


You can choose any fixtures or fittings you like. You can mix and match from various suppliers or use discontinued stock.

The head contractor / supervisor will assist you with any queries you may have


You can't get wholesale prices

Any damage to items on site i.e. a cracked basin, will be your responsibility

Self Managed

You are rather on your own here. Unless you have a pretty good skill set this is not really recommended. You will need to get all the quotes, co ordinate trades and ensure they turn up when scheduled, do the take offs (quantities) for tiling, purchase fixtures and fittings, ensure waterproofing is satisfactory, check all work each day and deal with any work that is not to standard. It's really not a job for the faint hearted......


New Builds

If you are building a new house with a building company, the most common way of choosing your Kitchen/bathroom/laundry finishes is to go to the builders preferred tile shop. If you are renovating through a renovation company, they will usually have specific ranges in differing price categories for you to choose from. If you are DIY ing you are free to go anywhere you like. Within the tile shop they will have tiles for your floors and splashbacks which are then co-ordinated with timber, laminates or vinyl wrap for the cupboard doors and a counter top choice. If you want granite or  man made stone tops there may be some samples available at the tile shop but in order to view an entire range check out the products online, request a brochure or sample of the benchtop you want then take it with you to the shop. 

Cupboards and Cupboard Doors



You will need to choose:Red and white gloss kitchen

  • Counter tops
  • Cupboard doors
  • Carcass and kickboard
  • Splashback
  • Handles
  • Up stand materials (if required)

(If you are with a builder your kitchen will be ordered through their cabinetmaker unless you arrange otherwise. This will not normally limit which products you can choose however its always best to check so as to avoid disapointment. The cabinetmaker will manufacture some items inhouse while they will order in other products prefinished from specialist manufacturers i.e. vinyl wrap doors or cupboard carousels).


Things to consider

  • A wide set of 3 drawers will hold a lot more and be more accessible than a set of 2 cupboard doors with one shelf 
  • Drawers are a more expensive than cupboards
  • The storage space under your sink is compromised by the bottom of the bowl
  • Dishwashers cannot go under the sink, recommend it goes under the drainer
  • Wine racks near electrical appliances (i.e. over the fridge) can be heat affected
  • A firewall needs to be installed between the Oven and the cupboards (if the oven doesn't come with one) to avoid charring/melting of cupboard doors
  • Downlights fitted to the underneath of overhead cupboards reduce cupboard space
  • Slide-out rangehoods must be fitted to overhead cupboards
  • Canopy rangehoods reduce area available for overhead cupboard use
  • Cupboards built into a corner are hard to reach the back of, hinged bifold doors are recommended for better access and if the budget allows install a carousel
  • If you have an island bench do you want the back of the island to have panels to match the cupboard doors

Kitchen Cupboard Doors

There are numerous options for cupboard doors for your kitchen varying in finish and price. Some options are as follows

  • Melamine
  • Laminate 
  • Vinyl wrap Gloss and Matt
  • Timber Veneer
  • Solid Timber
  • Glass
  • Lacquer 2-pack hand sprayed finish


  • Used in lower end kitchens. 
  • ABS edge availalbe
  • Most inexpensive option 
  • Ensure water resistant product is used


Find a laminate

  • Flat laminate doors (no pattern cut into the door)
  • Available in a vast array of colours and patterns plain, patterned, wood grain, metallic,
  • Available in matt, textured or gloss finish,
  • Competitively price due to large choice of suppliers
  • Can be cut and self edged or have an matching or contrast ABS (PVC) edge strip applied
  • Inexpensive
  • Hardwearing
  • Abrasion resistant

Vinyl Wrap Doors

View Styles

Your cabinetmaker will have a range of vinyl wrap doors that they supply. Ask for a brochure containing colours, textures and profiles

  • Vacuum wrapped vinyl doors with or without patterns routed into the door
  • Vinyl wrap cupboard doors are available in a large variety of colours and patterns
  • Available in Textured, Matt or Gloss
  • Many looks available i.e. framed planked timber panel, country Kitchen style, and plain-modern
  • Water resistant (totally sealed unit)
  • Guaranteed
  • Can install glass panels in vinyl wrap frame
  • Do not use solvent or abrasive cleaners

Timber Veneer

  • Can achieve the look of solid timber at a lower cost
  • Still requires sealing and polishing as per solid timber
  • Veneers available in timber look or reconstituted patterns and colours
  • Flat surfaces only (no patterns cut into the door surface)

Solid Timber

  • Vast array of timbers available from Jarrah to European Beech, Sheoak to Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Any pattern can be achieved
  • Polishing can be Matt to Gloss and anything in between (done at the factory)
  • Can be re polished if it gets damaged
  • Natural renewable resource
  • Has the depth of colour and variety of a natural grain product
  • Colour will deepen with age


  • Lacquer is a 2 Pac painted finish
  • Any shape or pattern can be created
  • Any paint colour can be used
  • Can be totally individualized
  • Metallic available
  • Texture satin or gloss available


  • Glass doors are commonly used as a feature in a kitchen
  • Glass doors can be frameless or framed in nearly any of the above door types or aluminium
  • Glass can be clear, frosted or a patterned glass
  • Lighting can be used behind the glass to hi-light the doors

Roller Shutter Doors for Appliance Cupboards

  • Used for appliance cupboards, a great way to hide the kettle, toaster etc.that used to sit on the benchtop
  • Can be matched to any of the above doors

Cupboard Handles and Knobs

Cupboard doors can have handles or finger grips. Finger grips are a groove cut into the top surface of the door. Handles come in a vast array of shapes, colours and finishes, Chrome, Aluminium (anodized, polished or brushed), Nickel (brushed, satin or black), gold plated, porcelain, brass, black iron. Bear in mind drawers will need the handles fitted horizontally while cupboard door handles can be fitted horizontally or vertically.

Soft Close Doors and Drawers

The latest must have item for the kitchen! There are a couple of brands on the market but ask your supplier for a quote. With soft close drawers the stoppers are a completely different rail sustem so need to be specified before the kitchen is manufactured. 

Kick Board

Don’t forget you need to specify the colour for the kick board or base plate, this is the trim under the cupboard doors where the carcass meets the floor. This usually matches the cupboard doors or is in stainless steel laminate strip, however you can use other materials. You can match a granite benchtops or a glass splashback

Cupboard Accessories

There is a fantastic array or accessories for your cupboards. These items can really make a kitchen or laundry sing. If you like to have a place for everything and everything in its place then these products will make your home a place you love to be.  Pull out pantry shelving, built-in rubbish bins, tea towel hangers, dish racks, corner carousels, wine racks, spice racks, cook book holders, built-in detergent dispensers, fold out ironing board.......the list is endless.

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