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Splash backs

The splashback is the area at the rear of the hotplate. The splashback is normally installed from the rear of the benchtop to the underneath of the rRecycled Glass Splashbackangehood or up to the overhead cupboards.

The most common finishes are:

  • Glass
  • Tiling
  • Stainless Steel
  • Granite/stone/man made product (as per benchtops)

Something to bear in mind is that the splashback is a small area maybe 2 or 3 square metres in a very visible space. Here is the place to make a statement and make your house unique. If the hotplate area has returning walls on either side consider using the same product on them.

Glass Splashback

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Because the glass is in close proximity to the hotplate it must be toughened glass.

Glass is available in an enormous range including:

  • Plain
  • Pearl
  • Metallic
  • Slumped
  • Mirrored
  • Image printed

Recycled glass has a slight green tinge to it, if you choose recycled glass in white it will be slightly green, if you choose white with a non recycled glass it will be pure white. It will also be more expensive than the recycled option. The glass itself can also be patterned giving a huge range of options. Glass is hygienic as there are no grout lines and few joins. Because it is reflective it can give the impression of space and light.

Glass cannot be moulded so all joints and corners must be sealed with silicone. Power points and additional 'cuts' are charged as extras over and above the square metre rate. (about $65 per cut)

A basic per metre rate for standard coloured glass splashbacks would be around $400-$450

Tiled Splashback

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This is the most common finish for the splashback. If you choose tiles within the dollar allowance and of a standard size, you will not incur any additional charges. However 2 or 3 metres of really nice tiles will not cost you too much money to buy or lay. Remember you still have to clean the grout so large format rectified tiles with minimal grout lines can look fabulous.

Stainless Steel

Very hygienic and with a high level of reflectivity stainless steel has a timeless quality. Originally used in commercial kitchens it works well in minimalist surroundings. Matching benchtops can be created and this product can be formed around corners creating benchtop and splashback with no joins.

Note: Stainless steel is susceptible to scratching (you can get it buffed) and can be dented with sharp impact....but this is part of its character.

Granite/Stone/ Man Made Stone

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Would normally be used with matching benchtops thus creating a seamless continuity. Enormous array of products available. Most cannot be formed around corners so must be joined with silicone. Hygienic advantages as the surface has very few joins.

Helpful Hints

Be aware that cutting power points into glass or granite/stone/man made products will cost extra (ball park $65.00 per point)

If you are on a tight budget reduce the height of the splashback where you can. i.e full height behind the hotplate, but only 350mm or even 100mm in areas that don't get so much food splatter.

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