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Renovate bathroom $500

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Tips on how to renovate your bathroom on a $500 budget........


Paint is your friend, paint is inexpensive and can give an instant crisp, fresh feel to a tired old grungy bathroom. There are heaps of job specific paints available, ensure you use the right paint for the right job

Tile paint

Use tile paint to freshen up all the bathroom wall tiles. White Knight do a gloss tile paint that can be tinted to your choice of colour. White is always a good selection as the paint will cover

ehomebuilder paint chart and brushes

 both the tiles and the grout and white grout looks quite normal (whilst green grout would look a bit weird).

Laminate paint

Tired old vanity doors can be refurbished with a fresh coat of laminate paint (you can also use the tile paint here if you want a gloss finish). There are numerous brands available from your hardware store or paint specialist

Wall & ceiling paint

Paint suppliers for Perth

You can't go past a fresh coat of paint on the bathroom walls and ceiling. Light, bright colours are clean and cheerful in a bathroom, contrast colours can be provided by towels, bathroom accessories, coloured glass on the window sill.........the options are endless. I strongly recommend using a mould resistant paint, or you can buy a mould resistant additive to put in your regular paint. The finish will be slightly glossier that standard matte paint

Basin Paint

You can recoat the basin and tub with a specialised paint. Go with the white option if possible. Ok it won't last forever but it can revive that awful stained one you currently have.


If your tiles are fine but the grout is old and discoloured you have a couple of options 

Buy a grout pen, you can re colour your grout quickly and cheaply

Try a Restore tile and grout cleaner $14 for 40m2 (see youtube demo)

Try a Colourseal DIY treatment for $38.50 (see youtube demo)


New tapwareehomebuilder mixer tap

New bathroom tapware doesn't have to cost the earth, and whilst you could spend thousands on a tapware, basic new mixer taps are available from about $40 or check out discontinued lines that are on special....ok it will have a limited lifespan but you should get a couple of years out of it, and you can put it in yourself. Check how many holes your vanity currently has 1, 2 or 3 this will dictate the type of tapware you can change to. (Get some youtube instructions if you are unsure)

Cupboard handles

Another quick moderiser is new cupboard handles. If you already have handles, take one off and measure the distance between the screws. (so you don't want to have to patch the old holes) There are heaps of inexpensive handles available. Hardware stores have some and ikea has a great inexpensive range

Additional Storage

Older bathrooms rarely have enough storage. If you have any wall space, get some floating wall shelves. These shelves have hidden fixings and can provide a space for pretty accessories, rolled towels, soaps, candles or anything you want on show. They are available in different lenghs and colours. Checkout the ikea range from $20 each

There are also some lovely wall hung cabinets and free standing storage from $60

Resurface the floor

Have a look at your floor..........does it need a bit of help? Try for an offcut or roll end of vinyl. (vinyl should go on a perfectly flat floor, if you don't have this it will mean that the vinyl will wear unevenly, not ideal, but it will get you through for a year or two). Floors get REALLY heavy use, any painted surface will wear, even if you use paving paint. Cheap fixes will only be temporary, but they might just get you through until you can afford your ultimate reno in a year or two.


Replace the old central pendant light with a funky PVC shade. PVC is easy clean and mould resistant See online range from Matt Blatt from $50

If you are really creative you could even make your own chandelier (check these out) with a frame from a haberdashery and some bright beads.

Window Dressings

Grab a new blind for the bathroom window. It can be a white slatted blind for good light and privacy control, a sunscreen roller blind- this means you can still see out but reduces glare and creates privacy or just grab some off the shelf sheers from a discount outlet like Spotlight, Things or Red Dot- these can be shortened or just looped up with a tie back . Alternatively if you have some fabric on hand that you love, hem it all round, put up a curtain rod and use curtain clips to create a unique curtain for the room- Light weight filmy fabrics work way better than heavy materials.


eHomeBuilder provides free tips and advice for people thinking of renovating or building a home in Perth. Everything you need to know all in one place. We wish you all the best with your project, please send us an email if you have any questions or just want to share your story. We love before and after shots.. they inspire us all ...send us yours!

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