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Renovate Bathroom $10000

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With a budget of $10,000 you should get a pretty snazzy bathroom. OK it might not be as grandly finished as a hotel bathroom but there are lots of options.


Essential to a great reno is the planning stage. Firstly work out your exact budget, next decide, are you prepared to project manage the job yourself or do you want a professional bathroom specialist to supply, oversee and schedule all the contractors. If you do it yourself it will most likely take longer, it may save you some money but can be quite stressful. Also remember that a professional bathroom specialist will be purchasing your goods at wholesale prices and employing a full time plumber and tiler rather than paying an hourly rate, so the cost difference may not be that high. If you hire a complete service provider, whilst there may be unforseen complications there won't be any unexpected messes that you have to pay to clean up!

Tradesmen you will need

  • Demolition
  • Wall hung toiletPlumber
  • Electrician
  • Tiler
  • Painter
  • Plasterer
  • Waterproofing

 Bathroom Renovation Supplies

  • Bath
  • Mirror
  • Shower screen
  • Soap holders
  • Tapware (basin/shower taps,shower head, WC stopcock)
  • Tiles, grout
  • Toilet suite
  • Towel rails
  • Vanity unit


This is a messy job but not really a difficult one. If you've got a bit of the DIYer about you then you can do this. Remember water off at the mains and avoid all electrical work, leave that to the professionals. Checkout this youtube bathroom stripout


In order to give you as much cash to spend on the fit out try to avoid moving the services. This means keep the taps, shower and toilet where they are and the floor wastes as well. Replacing old for new is much cheaper than moving them. If you must move them try to keep them on the same wall, if you have a brick house pipes will need to be chased into the brickwork, if you have a timber frame home you might be able to come up under the floor. Either way there will be replastering or patching, painting and clean up required which all add to the cost.


Modern bathroom with frameless shower screen

Check your lighting, do you need extra lighting or task lighting over the vanity? To create ambiance a dimmer is really nice if there is a bath in the room. A sparky will also be required if you are installing a thermostatically controlled hot water system.


This is one of the biggest expenses, particularly if you want full height large rectified tiles. An excellent tiler is essential to a great bathroom reno. Your tiler should be able to quote acurately the cost of the job and should be able to give you a firm start date. Your choice of tiles will have a large impact on the cost of your job. Cheapest tiles to lay are 200x200 ceramic....rectified and large format will cost more, as will sheets of mosaics or small decorative tiles. Full height tiling is always a popular choice, alternatively you can tile to dado height or shower screen height (2m) if you'd rather spend the money on tapware and a super bath. see our tiling page for more info

Fixtures and fittings

Free standing bath

Speaking of baths, the main focal point of your bathroom will be the bath. If you have room, free standing baths are gorgeous, but they do require a fair bit of space to look good. A budget free standing bath will set you back under $1000. The other alternative is a standard built in bath, these start around $150 and go up to $700-$800. Another focal point is the shower screen. The cheapest option is a fully framed screen, but if you can afford it spend a bit extra on a semi frameless screen. These screens have frames at the top and bottom but are frameless around the shower door.  Alternatively totally frameless shower screen are also available but are quite expensive due to the thickness of the glass (semi frameless is 6mm glass, fully frameless requires 10mm glass).


Old bathroom windows can really ruin the look of a newly renovated bathroom. Carefully assess your window, if it needs changing get it done now. Delaying changing the window will only cause you headaches in the long run. Do it now and avoid having to patch tiling and paint work later. Remember wet areas always need good ventilation. Choose a window that you can safely leave (or lock) in an open position


Three in one fan/light/heaters need space above them for installation, if there is no roof space above, a dropped ceiling is required, this can be expensive. Also most models require the unit be installed on a separate circuit to avoid overloading the electrics. The unit might cost you $100 but the install might be $600! Do a bit of homework before you start.

We hope this article helps you plan your reno...........good luck......the team at eHomeBuilder