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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for under $3000

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With a $3000 budget you can either do lots of little jobs or one larger job. Give your bathroom a good assessment, what needs replacing and what is structurally sound but just ugly? Most things can be resurfaced in a new colour, old fashioned colours don't mean you have to rip it out.

Option 1-Resurfacing

Bathroom before  makeover

Pretty much anything in the bathroom can be resurfaced, A budget of $3000 will normally cover resurfacing the entire bathroom, vanity- inside, outside, top and basin, resurfacing the bath, wall tiles and the tiles in the shower. You can get a completely new look without replacing much at all.

Bathroom makeover before and after shots

You might even have enough $'s left over to replace the shower screen with a semi frameless unit.  The exisiting tiles, vanity, bath and basin are coated with a multi layered product that is guaranteed for this purpose. The whole job will take a couple of days depending on the size of your bathroom. Replacing vanity handles, door handles and tapware will create a whole new look with minimal cash outlay. Minor damage can also be patched at the same time. The new surface can be applied to old laminate tops (even ones with timber edging), timber doors, laminate doors, tiled splashbacks, basins, baths.....pretty much anywhere.



Whilst you may be able to retile the bathroom floor for $3000, it may not be necessary. If the tiles are not chipped or damaged but just look tired and grubby, you can get them professionally cleaned. This will give the tiles and the grout a new lease of life. This is a really cheap option compared to re tiling. Depending on the size of the bathroom and height of the tiling, allow upwards of $300. Get the contractor to seal them as well while he's there, they'll be much easier to keep clean.

See a youtube clip of tile cleaning in action (you might want to mute it!!)


If your tiles are fine but the grout is old and discoloured you can get the grouting re done. Regrout services- this means removing the old grout and regrouting not just recolouring the old grout. . You can hire a grout removing tool (manual or electric) and regrout the tiles yourself with ready mixed grout, it can be fiddly and you run the risk of damaging the tile edges but with care it can be a DIY job. Alternatively you can hire a professional to do it for you- a shower floor will be about $330 and a shower with 2 walls and floor aproximately $550. The whole bathroom depending on the size would be upwards of $1000 view regout video 

Acrylic bath and shower Inserts

Another option for renewing the bath is an acrylic insert. These inserts are made off site from an exact mould of your bath. The old drain is removed, expanding foam is applied to the old bath and the new insert is the placed inside the old bath. A new drain is inserted and the bath is then filled with water to set it in position. Your new acrylic liner feels like a completely new bath and it all happens in one day! Cost is usually between $800-900 including GST. See youtube video of installation

NB: If you are retiling around the bath do the insert first then the want a smooth finish between the tiles and the insert.

Bathroom Vanity Unit

Many bathroom suppliers now have ranges of pre made vanities. These come in a variety of options, single basin, double basin, semi recessed basin, unit on legs, on a plinth or wall hung, solid doors, glass doors etc. You will need to specify how many tapholes you need- zero, (tap on vanity top) one or three. It also pays to check the floor under the old vanity, make sure its OK for installing your new one on. Taps will not be included so you will need to purchase them as well. Check if you unit is assembled or flat packed. Check that the cabinet carcass is manufactured from a water resistant product (i.e. water resistant ply) and that it is glued and screwed not stapled.

Prices range from around $350 up to over $1000 depending on size and features.

Shower Screen

A new screen will lift any bathroom, fixed panel and semi frameless are now very affordable. A 90 degree two panel semi frameless screen should be around $900-$1000 and thats fitted and sealed. A single fixed panel for the bath/shower should be even less


Once again paint is a good bang for your buck item. Ceilings should be refreshed with a mould resistant paint, and walls that aren't tiled should be brushed over too. You can buy mould resistant paint or you can buy an addititve for your regular paint. Wet areas benefit from semi gloss or gloss finishes, not matte paint. Light bright colours will make the room look bigger. 

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