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Water Filters

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The Facts

There are quite a number of water dispensers available these days.

The first choice you need to make is do you want cold water, filtered water or cold, filtered water?

  • Plumbed fridges supply cold water or cold, filtered water depending on the fridge
  • Sink units supply filtered water
  • Freestanding units supply filtered water and possibly cold filtered water

Plumbed Fridges

A plumbed fridge unit is a fridge with a built in water dispenser. Most fridge units will chill the water but not filter it, but there or some models available that do both. If your fridge doesn't filter the water then some filters are suitable to attach to the tap in the fridge recess. If you choose a fridge with a chilled water dispenser don’t forget to have a tap installed in your fridge recess.

Sink Units

Sink filter units normally have a canister under the sink where a filter is fitted and a water outlet at the sink. These units will filter the water however they do not chill the water. You will need to put the filtered water in the fridge. Filters last about 6 months and replacement filters cartridges range from $35 to $100, ensure that the unit you buy takes a standard size filters so you can buy same brand or generic filters.


These units can be either bought or hired and require deliveries of bottled water to the house. (similar to the common office set up). These units can supply room temperature or chilled water. They require a power point for chilled water

Helpful Hints

Instant cold/boiling water outlets are a really cool option. These taps provide both chilled and boiling water. Used extensively in commercial applications, if you’re sick of boiling the kettle and want an instant boiling water supply this may be for you!

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