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Washing Machine

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Really the only planning required for your washing machine is

  • Tapware Position
  • Waste Position/ Trough Bypass
  • Dryer position
  • Size of Machine

It is always wise to situate the washer next to the laundry trough to reduce extra waste pipes.

The Facts

Tapware Position

The tapware for your washing machine can be either on the wall behind the machine or hidden in an adjacent cupboard.

Trough Bypass

The washing machine waste can either be with a hooked waste pipe (ensure your laundry trough has an additional hole punched on the washing machine side and your flickmixer is on the other side) going through the corner of the trough or the waste can be directly plumbed into the trough waste in the cupboard under the trough. Both of these methods will effectively bypass the trough and ensure you never have an overflowing laundry sink from the washing machine

Dryer Position

If you have a front loading washing machine the dryer can be wall mounted directly above the washing machine. If you have a top loader you will need to allow enough room for the washer lid to fully open.

Helpful Hints

There is currently a government rebate of up to $150 for purchasing a 4 star energy rated Washing Machine

Don’t forget a double power point (one for the washer one for the dryer). The best height is on the wall at between 100mm and 120mm for easy access

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