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Rangehoods are designed to remove smoke, smells, grease and steam from items cooking on your hotplate and usual provide a built in light as well. As a basic rule in each category: the more expensive the rangehood the quieter and more effective it will be. The effectiveness of the rangehood is measured by the force of the extraction it can cause. Rangehoods also provide light to cook by. Ensure that the globes are easy to change and two are normally better than one.

The FactsMiele island rangehood, recirculative

Rangehoods come in four basic criteria:

  • Fixed
  • Slide out
  • Canopy
  • Island

All of these options come in ducted or recirculative

Recirculating means the rangehood has a carbon filter which cleans the air before returning it to your kitchen.

Ducted means that the air is ducted from your kitchen to the outside with a flue.

Fixed Rangehoods

  • Permanently fixed to the wall and up to 500mm deep.
  • Can prevent you leaning over your cooking as they are at head height and don’t retract.
  • Normally the least expensive option.
  • There are some more cutting edge wall mounted extraction fans available in the market place. They are pretty funky but come with a healthy price tag as well.

Slide Out Rangehoods

  • Must be installed into overhead cupboards.
  • Normal practice is that when you pull the front of the rangehood out it will turn on and the light will also come on.
  • Some slide out rangehoods have hidden controls that help create a smooth integrated look.
  • Standard colours are white and stainless steel for the fascia.
  • Flues are installed at the back of the overhead cupboard and some storage space will be lost

Canopy Rangehoods

  • Installed as a free standing item and require no adjoining cabinetry
  • Most are designed to be installed on a wall, however some are suitable to be attached to the ceiling only
  • Rangehoods installed over island benches should be totally freestanding
  • Some of the upmarket rangehoods are quite beautiful and look more like art installations or chandeliers
  • Fabulous rangehood can make an impressive statement but bear in mind you will still have to clean the grease off it!
  • Check the installation instructions on your rangehood for the optimum height suggested for installation. (Normally about 700mm above bench height) Your rangehood will not work as effectively if you increase this height however you won’t bang your head on it.

Island Rangehoods

These hang suspended over the benchtop or there are one or two that come up out of the benchtop. As island benchtops are not attached to any walls there are no cupboards or surfaces to attach the rangehood to. Most are recirculative, but you can have a canopy model flued from the rangehood going up to the ceiling. (the additional flue pipe will cost you extra)

    Helpful Hints

    Check the filter panels are dishwasher safe

    Ducted rangehoods in 2 story houses may need to be placed on an external wall. They cannot go under the slab unless you drop the ceiling.

    Ensure the rangehood has a flue kit included if possible

    You will need a single power point for your rangehood

    Electricians (builders) charge more to install canopy rangehood than to install a slide out.

    Your slide out rangehood will need to be sent to the cabinetmakers for installation

    Testing the effectiveness of your rangehood: the best way I’ve found to measure it is to place a business card on your palm and see how close you have to get to the underneath of the rangehood before it sucks it up! 

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