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Microwave Options

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When planning your kitchen you will need to choose a position for your microwave. Microwaves can be installed in a variety of ways

  • Placed in an open microwave niche, often above a wall mounted oven
  • Inside an appliance cupboard
  • Fully Integrated (just like the oven)
  • Fitted using a trim kit
  • On the benchtop

The Facts

Currently the most popular installation method is to integrate the microwave with the other cupboards, this creates a seamless appearance, however there are less expensive options.Its really best to purchase the microwave before your kitchen is built so that you can ensure there is enough clearance and ventilation.

Installation Options

Built-in niche's

  • Normally in the oven stack above the oven

  • Beware some of the combination microwaves are quite large so allow enough room

  • Ensure the finished height comfortable for you to get hot liquids out of

Appliance Cupboard

  • Normally concealed behond an appliance roller door or shutters
  • Allow for adequate ventilation
  • Usually at bench height wich is very safe

Built in

  • This will require a microwave that is specifically built for this purpose
  • Can be aligned with the built in oven and coffee machine for a smooth look
  • Cannot be removed for repairs. Repairer will need to come to you

Trim kits

  • These are a customized frame that is attached to the cabinetry and the microwave effectively making it look ‘built in’


  • This can make the kitchen look cluttered if the mircowave is in full view

Microwaves are available in

  • Standard microwave
  • Microwave Convection Ovens

Microwave Convection Ovens

These are a bit more expensive that standard microwaves but they have the added advantage of being able to use radiant heat as well as microwaves. There is a heating element and a fan which blows the hot air over the food. This allows dishes to be browned, grilled roasted or crisped. These ovens can even be set to use a combination of microwave and convection to achieve a perfectly cooked recipe. Pre programmed options make this a very easy proposition. Some microwaves have sensors that turn the microwave off when the food is cooked, heated of defrosted

Helpful Hints

Sorry to state the obvious but don’t forget you’ll need a power point!!

Microwave cooking is far more energy efficient than a conventional oven, it also keeps the kitchen much cooler on a summers day

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