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It is best to have chosen your dishwasher before construction of your home has started. The plumbing that is laid in the concrete slab must allow for your dishwasher water and waste connection. The positioning of your dishwasher will also need to be allowed for in the planning of your kitchen cupboards.

Do you want

  • Fully Integrated
  • Semi Integrated
  • Freestanding

If you plan to fully integrate your dishwasher (integrating is when you make the dishwasher look like a cupboard) these washers have controls on the inside of the door for a totally smooth look to your cupboards, alternatively you can buy a semi integrated model where the controls are visible at the top of the door but the rest looks like a cupboard door. Both of these option will normally attract an additional charge for the cabinetry. The least expensive option is to buy a freestanding dishwasher which is slotted into the dishwasher recess

Remember to order a dishwasher designed for the level of integration you require, you can't turn a freestanding dishwasher into an integrated dishwasher.

If you choose an integrated dishwasher you will most likely be asked to have the appliance delivered to the cabinet makers prior to the construction of your cupboards.

Remember to get the following information to your builder

  • The size of your dishwasher
  • Is it a hot or cold water connection
  • Is the dishwasher integrated

The Facts

What to look for in a dishwasher will vary depending how you use it. If you use it every day a then food will not be able to dry on your dishes, if you turn the dishwasher on every few days a rinse and hold cycle will be imperative.

A delayed start option is a very good idea for washing at low cost times if you have a smart meter

If you have solar hot water you may prefer a dishwasher that takes hot water not cold

Check the size of the holes in the washing arms, the smaller the holes are, the more powerful the washing action.

Adjustable racks inside the washer are great for tall glasses, oversize plates and pots

Dish draws are fabulous for small households but if you have a large family you will have the washer going constantly

Some of the newer model dishwashers have sensors to detect how dirty the dishes are and save water accordingly. Also the latest models have a dispenser for your detergent so you need only fill the dispenser every 10-15 washes (finally!!)

Helpful Hints

Remember to allow a power point in dishwasher recess

Position your dishwasher under the draining board of your sink, this reduces spills and mess while loading, also the dishwasher will not fit under the sink bowl.

It's a good idea to ask about the construction, (does it have a frame or is it just panels bolted together) The thickness of the insulation in the dishwasher dictates how quiet it is. Also ask where it is manufactured, you might be surprised at the answer.

Finally check how hard it is to clean. If there's lots of food debris in the bottom of the filter, can you pull out that part and easily rinse it in the sink? I'm sure you don't want to be stuck at the sink for 10 minutes trying to dislodge old pasta from the filter!

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